What are some reliable medical groups?

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Some of the top rated medical groups according to the Integrated Healthcare Associated rating scale include Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, Sutter Medical Group, UCLA Medical Group, and Affinity Medical Group. These are all for California.
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What is the target group for medical insurance sales?

\n Answer \n. \nAnyone with $$$, even those that don't can get Healthy Families or Medi-Cal, medicaid.\n. \n Answer \n. \nIn most states medical insurance products focus on three markets:\n. \nIndividuals - those who pay for their own coverage because they are unemployed, self-employed o ( Full Answer )

Boston medical group?

What is Boston Medical Group? Established in the U.S. 1998, Boston Medical Group is a network of independent physicians that has dedicated its practices to treating sexual dysfunction - specifically erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Using The Boston Method, a proprietary treatment pr ( Full Answer )

What are some reliable pregnancy tests?

According to the ClearBlue pregnancy test accuracy results they are:. 4 days before expected period= 51% accurate 3 days before expected period= 82% accurate 2 days before expected period= 90% accurate 1 day before expected period =95% accurate the day of expected period =99% accurate. To ( Full Answer )

Are you reliable?

yes we are most people have albilty to live by them self this makes them reliable

Are there medical support groups?

Yes there are a lot of medical support groups out there depending on what people need. There re those medical support for drug addicts, for suicidal, for single parents, etc.

What are some of the most reliable cars?

1 Mazda 8.04 2 Honda 8.90 3 Toyota 15.78 4 Mitsubishi 17.04 5 Kia 17.39 6 Subaru 18.46 7 Nissan 18.86 8 Lexus 20.05 9 Mini 21.90 10 Citroen 25.98

What is regal medical group?

It is one of the leading private hospital in south California whichhas been doing medical service to the people in and aroundCalifornia and also it is having more number of branches inAmerica.

How reliable is one plan medical aid?

Well one has to wait and see how reliable they are. They have not as yet paid my doctors visitation bill since may 2011 and neither the hospital for my hubby's operation he had, they we did get an authorization for. So now we wait, how long?

What military group has the best medics?

There are only two services that have "medics," the US Army and US Air Force. Medical personnel of this type in the Navy are referred to as Corpsmen. There are no medic MOS's in the US Marines. Of all combat medical personnel of enlisted ranks, US Army Ranger medics, and those who serve as US Nav ( Full Answer )

What are medical insurance group rates?

Group medical insurance rates are those which apply to policies that cover a group of persons, as distinct from individual policies. The groups that are insured generally have a common denominator, such as employment by the same employer, or membership in the same organization. Typically, since the ( Full Answer )

What are some synonyms for reliable?

reliable, dependable, responsible, trustworthy, trusty. These adjectives mean worthy of reliance or trust: a reliable source of information; a dependable worker; a responsible babysitter; a trustworthy report; a trusty alarm. Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/reliable#ixzz1za1sMbCC .

What are some morphine group medications one can take if allergic to hydrocodone?

You may ask about synthetic morphine-like medications if needed in the hospital. Natural morphine compounds have more of a probability, in many cases, of causing allergic reactions, whereas synthetic compounds are a bit less likely to. Warn your Dr. about the allergy you had and you can probably ha ( Full Answer )

Is ehealth a reliable resource for medical advice?

While health websites may provide a wealth of information, they are not a substitute for an actual doctor. Health websites are useful for finding information on ailments you may already have but, if you're trying to diagnose symptoms it is best to see your doctor.

What are some reliable home security systems?

ADT is a very reliable home security system. They monitor your home 24 hours a day and have the police there quickly if the alarm goes off and no one answers their call.

How reliable is the glucose meter from Liberty Medical?

The glucose meters from Liberty Medical seem to be pretty reliable. Each company of course has it's ups and downs in a product, but the meters with liberty medical seem pretty great and a good quality.

What are some loan companies that are reliable?

There are many reliable loan companies for today's consumers. Two internet companies are Bank of America and Quicken Loans. You can also try a financial institution in your town, they might have better rates for you.

What are some benefits of reliable hosting?

Reliable hosting is beneficial because it is cheaper for the person needing hosting services and is easier to maintain. Hosting also is more flexible than building out the infrastructure by hand.

What are some reliable typing jobs you can do at home?

This will depending on your skill and time you have to put into the job.Some of the jobs consist of typists that the work has been sourced out from many busy company's who have not got the time or money to hire a full time sectary.

What are the names of some reliable security systems?

ADT is a very reliable security system also they are very resonably priced. BBB is also a very well known family security system. BB is a touch more expensive but also come with little extra perks also.

What are some reliable Server monitoring software?

Some server monitoring software that provides powerful performance, expert support, and provides peace of mind is readily available. PA, Uptime, and GFI all offer free trials of their software and have excellent reviews.

What are some reliable brands of video recorders?

The Sony HDR-SR12 is an amazing camera. Some of the features include; 10MP, 120GB,High Definition Hard Drive, with 12x Optical Image. It's estimated around $1,200 on amazon

Is a health and medical journals a reliable sourec of health ingormation?

Yes they are. But they require a considerable bit of knowledge inmedical terminology to be able to understand them because they arewritten for professionals in the medical field. The ones that arethe most technical are called abstracts and are the most reliable.

Is neuropathy treatment group reliable or a scam?

This product did not help my neuropathy. I took it for about amonth as directed. I was awake for 48 hrs., would sleep for an hourand wake up to start the cycle all over again. Now I am havingtrouble getting a refund from them per their quarentee. A womenrepresenting the company called a week ago and ( Full Answer )

What are some reliable auto body shops?

Reliable auto body shops are usually found by word of mouth. Ask friends and family where they trust to take their vehicles.

What are some reliable fire protection contractors?

This will largely depend on your geographical location and without more specifics, it is impossible to answer. However, your local yellow pages should have a list of local fire protection contractors for you to contact.

What are some reliable brands of camping chairs?

The reliability in any consumer product is vital for the success of the company. In the area of camping chairs, a couple tried and true brands are Coleman and Camp Master.

What are some reliable brands for food containers?

Tupperware and Rubbermaid are probably two of the most instantaneously recognizable brands when it comes to food containers. Pyrex, with its built in utility as both cookware and food storage medium, is equally popular and arguably even more reliable (you can't put plastic in an oven, but you can p ( Full Answer )

What are some reliable brands of home printers?

There are many brands of home printers. The most reliable and most popular are made by Hewlitt Packard (HP), Canon and Dell. They are all durable, great printers and are in many homes across North America.

Which are some reliable travel agencies in Seattle?

Yellow pages is the place to go for reliable travel agencies in Seattle. You will not only find the travel agencies in the Seattle area, but it will also give you the business profile of the company. It also will show you the customers reviews, maps, web address, phone number and address. Travel Ti ( Full Answer )

Who are some reliable loan lenders?

Most banks will offer competitive rates for loans but they could look at a persons credit record close than lenders like FHL and HBSC. The BBB / Better Business Bureau has an active list of bad lenders that someone could use to check the validity of an offer. Wells Fargo, Bank of America and House ( Full Answer )

What are some reliable brands of speaker phones?

There are a number of speaker phones on the market today. Consumer Reports, as the name implies, provides information about leading brands of speaker phones and users share details about the performance of specific brands. Currently, Panasonic and VTech products appear to receive high ratings by con ( Full Answer )

What are some reliable money making websites?

There are many websites that have reliable money making opportunities. Some of the more popular sites include: Valued Opinions, Toluna, One Poll, Panelbase, Mindmover, Rewarded Opinions and Inbox Pounds.

What are some reliable insurance companies in NJ?

The state of New Jersey as most of the eastern coast has enjoyed steady state-average insurance company premiums which boasts reliability. Some examples of these insurance companies are: Allstate, 21st Century Group and Chubb Insurance.

What does the HealthPoint Medical Group do?

The HealthPoint Medical Group provides primary and specialist medical care. This is provided for adults and children. They are based in the Tampa Bay area.

Where are some reliable baby monitor reviews?

Some reliable baby monitor reviews are from trustworthy websites such as parents, toptenreview, mumsnet, etc. Those sites provide the audience with a complete specifications of the items together with the reviews.

What are some reliable Furniture Mover companies?

Furniture Mover companies are very useful when it comes time for moving. Some of the most reliable mover companies include All My Sons, Transit Systems, and Gentle Giant.