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  • I am Christian, and I understand why other Christians think this, but I personally DO NOT think that Harry Potter is evil. Some say so because it is against God to use witchcraft, which Harry Potter characters obviously do. But, it's a fictional story. It's not like Harry is best friends with Satan or anything. Again, I understand the origin and respect others thoughts, but I don't agree with it. In my opinion, there is nothing about Harry Potter than the idea that they do magic. Trust me - if Harry Potter had NOTHING to do with magic, this whole thing wouldn't have started. The only thing is the simple idea of witchcraft and wizardry.
  • One of the members of the church looked up some of the traditional stories (think Little Red Riding Hood type stories) in their original and unaltered form and found that actually the stories that the Church would accept were a Horror! Everyone would kill, lie, use black magic and deceive to get their own way and it was prized. So he pointed out that in comparison Harry Potter is a bedtime story for babies, and the Church could not say a thing back, since after all, the Church had said it was alright to the macabre - something that Harry Potter is quite far away from.
  • The movie is completely fictional. It's for enjoyment and not to be taken seriously. Besides, the whole movie is based on truth, love, and friendship and good over evil. The magic is purely effects that make the movie a whole lot better.
  • I'm Christian, but I love the movies. They're really good and...magical.
  • As a Christian, I am concerned about the media's glorifying of spiritualism. Movies, TV shows, and even commercials are heavily involved in this. I choose not to read books or watch movies such as this including Harry Potter, which glorifies, and makes seem good what The Bible says is bad. If the Bible condemns these practices, is it reasonable then, from a Christian standpoint to view such movies? In my case, I have to answer a resounding "NO!"
  • I am a Christian, but I do not believe (as some do) that Harry Potter is "evil". I can see why some elements may be considered as coming from Satan - witchcraft itself comes from him - but HARRY POTTER IS A FICTIONAL STORY. For this reason, I feel that (just as with The DaVinci Code) we must read it purely as a story, and not as a true happening and encouragement to turn to witchcraft.
  • Harry Potter and his friends celebrate the birth of Jesus. They fight evil with friendship and love.
  • Some refer to the potential that some fans of, let's say fantasy stories, like, for example, Harry Potter may go down the wrong path of suspect associations of, for example, (as they suggest or fear) Satanists.
  • Harry Potter and theism or Satanism should not even be in the same bracket. True, J.K. Rowling might have put some biblicaly inspired ideas into her stories, but the relation ends there.
  • Harry Potter is a story (series of novels and movies) about witches and wizards who go to a magic school in troubled times; troubled in that attacks keep occurring from a vicious character called Voldemort.
  • These modern days, much of the negative notions regarding witches and wizards have fallen away, leaving them to medieval superstition-ruled times. These days it is perfectly possible to have the idea of a good wizard or a good witch.
  • In the Harry Potter stories it is made perfectly plain which path to follow. Harry Potter and his friends are good and are always doing good. It is shown that it is the correct thing to do good. Everyone following the story, would follow the good characters. The story is completely centered around the good characters. No-one would follow Voldemort as it is shown that Voldemort is not the hero. What Voldemort does is not correct. It is shown that Harry, the good character is good. Everyone follows Harry and only Harry as is expected by the writing of the story. Nobody cares that Voldemort was killed. No-one would be concerned for Voldemort. Everybody would have been very upset if Harry had been killed. Because everyone is concerned for Harry. This is actually how it works in many stories. The good character is usually the main character and is followed throughout the story. That character is the hero and it is shown that what they do is good and is what should be done. This is how it works in movies/series/stories like; The Lord of the Rings, Sky High, MacGyver, Alex Rider, Pirates of the Caribbean. The Golden Compass, and many many others. One is always inspired by and concerned for the good characters in all these examples. In a way, fans are somehow taught that this is the good way to behave and that one must behave like these characters. Followers of the stories are never taught to go anywhere near the way the bad characters behave. Those who are afraid followers of any of these stories may go down the wrong path and either themselves inflict harm or have harm come to them (as introduced in the first paragraph), may like to consider the effect of computer games instead. Some computer games are the opposite of the way all these stories. In a violent computer game, one is the character holding the gun or other vicious weapon. One can destroy any innocent victim (even those you are not required to kill to win the game) and there is sometimes nothing programmed into the computer game to stop it. In computer games, you are the killer. A player is made to feel the hero. Many players delight in killing in computer games. Contrast this with MacGyver and Harry Potter. In both stories, it is shown that killing is wrong.
  • Anyone who knows all the stories mentioned above will most likely follow the good characters' ways of life. The difference between right and wrong in many of them are so clear that the fans are actually left with very little choice at all.
  • Why do people complain about Harry Potter and not violent computer games? If the Bible stories are to be relied upon, the world was very violent a long time ago. One use for the notion of a god is that it can be used to control people. Maybe a god can be seen to hold the same function as the characters in these stories; to act as an example to show people how to behave.
  • Ok so I am a christian that will never ever change but I am a huge fan of harry potter it is the most creative series ever no matter what anyone says. Some people just judge it and say oh witchcraft bad no. They don't get it the main message in harry potter is LOVE people just heard it's about a teen wizard and assume it's bad they would be wrong harry potter is the best series ever written and always will be.
  • Harry Potter for me is an inspiration of the beauty and joy of a world not ruled by a doctrine or fixed beliefs but of discovery ,learning, Freedom, of being open minded to new things and adventure. Fixed beliefs are dangerous because it seals us away from people, make you feel different from others, make you close your mind to new discovery that could otherwise open your mind to realization and it prevents growth of consiousness by believing in the same belief for the rest of his/her life without ever come to knowing will it ever be. Believing so much is like an obsession, whereas you deny things without first knowing or experiencing them. A closed mind is worst than ignorance. Magic isn't about harming others, if you desire destruction on other people, you would only bring that upon yourself. Magic is all about the enlightenment of the world.
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Q: What are some religious opinions on Harry Potter?
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