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It can catch fire and burn. When you cut it, sawdust can get in your eyes or lungs. You could get a splinter. It could fall on your head.

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What are some safety issues for hydro electric power plants?

eletrical safety issues

What are safety issues for humans from penguins?

Some safety issues for humanfrom penguins would be the penguins pecking you in the eye with its beak or possibly biting you..!

What are the safety issues for pva?

There aren't really any health and safety issues??

What are some safety issues for a pediatric nurse?

the child could get hurt.

What are some safety issues for humans keeping a snake?

If the snake is handled regularly right from the beginning there shouldn't be any safety issues. Snakes are friendly if not frightened or hurt

What are safety issues concerning methane?

Safety issues associated with methane are explosion and suffocation.

What are some relevant safety issues when using oxygen?

DO NOT smoke near a tank.

What are some safety issues on steroids?

he Hell with this Question Go on Wikipedia and search Steroids

What is health and safety of balsa wood?

Balsa wood has no outstanding health hazards associated with it. The primary safety hazard is that of fire from the wood itself or from sawdust created by working the wood.

What health and safety issues are involved in an FBI agent occupation?

what health and safety issues are involved in fbi agent

Is the purpose of a safety council to discuss safety issues in a public setting?

The purpose of a safety council is to promote safety in the home, school, and water. They discuss these issues at meeting which are held annually.

What moral approaches to handling safety health and welfare issues?

what are the moral approaches to handling safety,health and welfare issues

What are some safety issues of using a food processor?

Love ya all Gi-Gi xxx

Safety issues of radioisotopes?

some radio-isotopes are becoming unstable to use and can/may be harmful to people

Safety issues for a fashion designer?

what are the safety issue for being a fashion designer?

What is a good name for a team of staff who deal with safety issues?

Safety Team.

What is the ADSO responsible for in the unit safety program?

advising the command on safety issues

Who do you report any health and safety issues too?

The Health & Safety Executive.

What are four safety issues that are part of a health inventory?

All safety issues should be a part of a health inventory. The inventory should look into:Safety equipmentApproved tools/heavy equipmentPersonal safety equipmentPersonnel health and safety training

Safety issues for safety meetings?

safety glubs will help you for expiraments because it will protect your hands from the liquids you use

Are safety councils valuable tools that allow you to implement safety procedures and practices and resolve safety issues?


What is safety awareness?

Safety awareness is being aware of safety issues, and of potential hazards to yourself and others in the workplace.

Safety issues for humans with an iguana?


Does nuclear energy have safety issues?

It certainly does!

Explain health and safety issues relating to a workplace?

Whole encyclopedias have been written about the health and safety issues of the workplace. No reasonably short explanation will be of use.