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Q: What are some situations when children may not be able to live with their parents?
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Can you get emancipated at age 14 and live with your boyfriends parents?

i think children should be able to do whatever they want and if there parents do not have a relationship with them and the child has tried reaching out but nothing i believe that children can get emancipated if they have a place to live besides the streets and have a way of getting schooling and shelter and clothing, and food. No matter what age they are children should be able to get emancipated.

Why do children mimic their parents?

Children live by the example that their parents set. If their parents engage in bad behavior, their children will think this is how they are supposed to act.

Who do children live with in Greece?

in Greece children life with there parents

Is the children need to obey their parents or parents need to obey there children?

Children to their parents obiously because they help us live and give us food and clothes

Where did Aztec children live?

Same as you and their parents' house.

Where did the children live during the industrial revolution?

With their parents.

What percentage of children live with both birth parents?


Should children be able to sue their parents for not allowing them to reach their full genetic potential?

Of course! It is because of many parents in the world that we have an under achieving, lazy, unsuccessful group of children that are this country's future. It is a vicious cycle. You live what you learn, and if you only learn laziness that is what you will repeat.

Do children automatically inherit their parents property?

It depends on the state that you live in and your will.

How many children live as single parents or step families in UK?

What percentage of children in the UK live within a step-family

Is a legal guardian always the legal parent?

Not necessarily as there are different situations that may mean that a child does not live with either of their parents.

Where are the children of Richard and Patty Roberts?

The children of Richard Roberts and Patti Thompson live on their own. They are both now adults and do not live with either of their parents.