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What are some slang words for testicles?

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November 11, 2014 9:15AM

Slang terms for testicles include:

balls, bells, bollocks, cods, cojones, Cracker Jacks, cullions, family jewels, gems, gonads, hanging brain, junk, kerbangers, knackers, love spuds, man tonsils, manjigglies, marbles, mountain oysters, nads, nuggets, nuts, nut sack, ornaments, package, pelotas, plums, rocks, sack, stones, tenders, two veg.

Please note that junk usually refers to the penis as well and that package refers to penis and testes together. Sack actually refers to the scrotum, but some use it to collectively refer to what is inside (the testes) as well.