What are some snacks that begin with the letter S?

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Snacks that start with the letter s:
  • sandwich
  • smoothie
  • Snickers candy bar
  • strawberries

Strawberries, star fruit, saltines, sliced squash , sweet potato chips, salami and sourdough mini sandwiches, sugar cookies, Skittles, Smarties, Snickers and Skittles
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What are some beers that begin with the letter S?

Unless you're looking for a brand of beer, the answer is Stout , which is a very dark beer. . Other Answers . sol, Mexico . Samuel Adams, USA . Schneiderweisse, Germany . Singha, Thailand . Steinlager, New Zealand . Sapporo, Japan . Speight's, New Zealand . Sam Smith's Imperial Stout, Engl (MORE)

What are some candies that begin with the letter S?

Saf-T-Pops . Scripture Saf-T-Pops . Skittles . Skor . Slo Pokes lollipop . Smarties . Smores . Snickers . Sno-Caps . Sour Cherries . Spearmint gum . Spree candy . Starburst . Stride gum . Sugar babies . Sugar daddy lollipop . Sugar-free candy . Super Bubble gum . Swee (MORE)

What are some words that begin with the letter S?

santa sled snow schedule surprise stunning superior supervisor substitute sandal shopkeeper store stereo sound social secure solid safe subordinate substantial substance shall shell shill shoal shock shame shutter stain satin sitar satyr situate shower showoff showcase shogun shoulder should sin (MORE)

What are some things that begin with the letter S?

Some things that start with the letter S are: . saddle . safe . sail . sailboat . sailfish . salad . salamander . salami . salmon . salt . sample . sand . sandals . sandwich . sardine . sauce . saucer . sauerkraut . sausage . scaffold . scale . scallop . scar . scarecrow . (MORE)

What are some nouns that begin with the letter S?

Examples of nouns that start with S are: . saber saw . saber-toothed tiger . saber, sabre . Sabin vaccine . Sabin, Albert Bruce . Sabine Lake . sable . sable antelope . sable fish . sabotage . saboteur . sac . Sacajawea . sack . saddle . sailboat . saint . salad . salamander . (MORE)

What are some adjectives that begin with the letter S?

sabbatical . sable . sacred . sacrificial . sacrilegious . sad . saddening . sadistic . safe . sagacious . sage . saggy . saintly . salable . salacious . salaried . salient . saline . sallow . salty . salubrious . salutary . same . sanctimonious . sandy . sane . sanguine . (MORE)

What are some colors that begin with the letter S?

Safety Orange . Saffron . Sage . Salmon . Sand . Sandy Brown . Sangria . Sapphire . Scarlet . School Bus Yellow . Sea Green . Seashell . Sepia . Shadow . Shamrock . Shocking Pink . Sienna . Silver . Sky Blue . Slate . Slate Grey . Smalt . Spring Green . Steel Blue . Strawberr (MORE)

What are some jobs that begin with the letter S?

Sailor . Salesperson . Sanitarian . Sanitation engineer . Seamstress . Secretary . Scientist . Screenwriter . Sentry . Servant . Shepard . Shoemaker . Sociologist . Sheriff . Signalman . Singer . Sleuth . Shaman . Software engineer . Software developer . Social worker . Soldier (MORE)

What are some snacks that begin with the letter H?

Haystacks are a fun snack that starts with the letter "H" . I don't have the exact recipe but they have chow mein noodles, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips and peanuts. Another great "H" snack is honeydew melon. Hope this helps!!

What are some beverages that begin with the letter S?

Non-Alcoholic Beverages: . Sam's Choice (soft drinks) . Samurai (energy drink only available in Asia/Vietnam) . Sanbitter Dry . Sanbitter San Pellegrino . San Carlos bottled water . San Luis bottled water . San Mateo bottled water . San Pellegrino carbonated water . Sarsaparilla . Sarsi (MORE)

What are some vegetables that begin with the letter S?

Salsify . Satsuma . Shallots . Shoepeg corn . Snow peas . Silverbeet . Sorrel . Spinach . Spring onions . Sprouts . Sprue asparagus . Squash . Strawberry . String beans . Sugar beets . Sugar bean . Sugar Peas . Swede . Sweet potatoes . Sweet Corn . Swiss Chard

What are some places that begin with the letter S?

Samoa . Saudi Arabia . Scotland . Senegal . Serbia . Seychelles . Sierra Leone . Singapore . Slovakia . Slovenia . Solomon Islands . Somalia . South Africa . South Korea . Spain . Sri Lanka . Sudan . Suriname . Swaziland . Sweden . Switzerland . Syria . San Francisco . Sant (MORE)

What are some foods that begin with the letter S?

Here are some foods that begin with the letter S: . S'mores . Sable cookies . Sablefish . Sabra liqueur . Sachertorte . Safflower . Saffron . Saga blue cheese . Saganaki . Sage . Sago . Salad . Salami . Salarno cookies . Salisbury steak . Salmon . Salsa . Salt . Saltine crackers (MORE)

What are some fruits that begin with the letter S?

Some fruits that begin with the letter S are: . Sageretia . Saguaro . Salak . Salal berry . Salmon berry . Sandpaper fig . Santol . Sapodilla . Sapote . Saskatoon . Saskatoon berry . Satsuma . Sea-buckthorn . Sea grape . Service berry . Sharon fruit . Shipova . Silkworm thorn . S (MORE)

What are some cities that begin with the letter S?

San Diego, CA . San Francisco, CA . San Jose, CA . San Marcos, CA . Saginaw, TX . San Antonio, TX . Seagoville, TX . Shreveport, TX . Sunnyvale, TX . Sweetwater, TX . Santa Fe, Mexico . Santa Fe, New Mexico . Santa Cruz, Argentina . Somero, Finland . Scheer, Germany . Solingen, (MORE)

What are some occupation that begin with the letter S?

salesman seamstress sideshow freak Salespeson, School Teacher, Scientist, Screenwriter, Sculptor, Seamstress, Secretary, Sexologist, Shoemaker, Singer, Social Worker, Sociologist, Soldier, Spy, Statistician , Steward or Stewardess, Stock Broker, Store Manager, Stunt Double, Supervisor, Syste (MORE)

What are some colours that begin with the letter s?

Well silver is not really a color if you look at it technically but we say silver for something that looks gray and shiny, but otherwise saddlebrown, sandybrown, seagreen, salmon, seashell, sienna, silver, skyblue, slateblue, slategray, snow, springgreen, steelblue, sapgreen, sepia, and those are th (MORE)

What are some verbs that begin with the letter S?

· sack · sail · satisfy · save · saw · say · scare · scatter · schedule · scold · scorch · scrape · scratch · scream · screw · scribble · scrub · seal · search · secure · see · seek · select · se (MORE)

What are some books that begin with the letter S?

A book that starts with s, well one out of a million is starlight but there are so much more as well! . Books that begin with the letter S: . Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks . The Scarecrow by Michael Connelly . The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne . Search the Dark by Charles Todd . The S (MORE)

What are some objects that begin with the letter s?

Objects that begin with the letter S include: . saddle . saucer (cup and saucer) . flying saucer . scissors . sea gull . Silly Putty . sky . skyscraper . slick road . slip . spigot . square . squeegie . stick . sticker . supplies . Swiffer (TM brand) . swizzle stick · sack (MORE)

What are snacks that begin with the letter I?

Snacks that begin with the letter I: ice cream ice cream cone ice cream sundae ice cream soda ice cream sandwich ice cream cake ice cream bar iced cake iced cupcakes iced cookies iced doughnuts iced brownies iced turnovers iceberg lettuce (?)

What are snacks that begin with the letter j?

Snacks that begin with J: Jam on toast jelly with peanut butter jelly beans ju ju bees jacks (cracker) jacks (apple) jambalaya (leftover) junior mints jasmine tea jelly doughnut jam tart juice smoothie jum jills (and very good they are)

What are some occupations beginning with the letter s?

Social worker Student Sign language Interpreter Scientist Sociology teacher Salon owner Salesman Stem cell researcher Secretary Stewardess Sailor Singer Seamstress Swim Coach Surgeon Senator Sewer Inspector Spy Sculptor Scuba diver Shoemaker Sweeper(road)

What are some animals that begin with the letter S?

Here are some animals beginning with the letter S : . Saber toothed tiger . Sable (meat eating mammal valued for its thick, soft fur) . Sable Antelope . Saiga (antelope of central Asia) . Sailfish . Saint Bernard . Saki monkey . Salamander . Salmon . Saltwater crocodile . Samba (MORE)

What is an snack that begins with a?

Snacks starting with A: apple almonds apricot avocado antipasto Alpha-bits (right out of the box) American cheese slice Armenian string cheese Angel cake Anise cookies

What are some snacks that start with the letter U?

I just found this one and am out to get it for my daughter's kindergarten class...easy easy to boot! Pudding in snack cups (they suggested vanilla flavor, could even layer or be creative on this...), topped with crushed graham crackers, then topped with a paper umbrella -- underneath the umbrella is (MORE)

What are some rivers that begin with the letter s?

Shannon, Severn, Seine, Shenandoah, Sava, Somme, Swan, Swanee, Sheep, Susquehanna spandex Shannon, Stour, Severn Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania Snake River, located in Idaho, my home state. · Saginaw (Michigan) · Salt (Arizona) · Seine (France) · Severn (UK) · Shenando (MORE)

What are some substantives that begin with the letter S?

· saddle · saddlebag · sailboat · salami · salmon · sandals · sandwich · sapphire · saxophone · scale · scarecrow · scarf · schoolhouse · schooner · scissors · scooter · shawl · shears · shed · she (MORE)

What were some popular snack foods in the 1960's?

Here are some foods from the 60's: Swedish Meatballs, mashed potato's, apple pie, chocolate cake, dumplings, pigs in a blanket, pink lady pie, Tang, Caramel corn balls, Mac and cheese, meatloaf, Easy Lemon dessert, peppermint iceberg puffs dessert, Blueberry dessert, fruit gelatin, Lemon dessert bre (MORE)

What are some restaruant that begin with the letter S?

· Saison (San Francisco) · Salvator's Italian Garden · Santora's · Season's Restaurant (Washington DC) · Senza (Chicago) · Serafina (Seattle) · ShinBay (Scottsdale AZ) · Shoney's · Shula's Steak House (Indianapolis) · Simms Steakhouse (Denver) · (MORE)