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Vermont is the prettiest state ever!! Also, Vermont has over 1,000,000 cities and towns!! Which makes them have the LEAST towns and cities!! New information-There are 251 cities and towns in Vermont. The smallest city in America is Vergennes Vermont. We also have the smallest state capitol- Montpelier- and the only one without a MacDonalds!

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Q: What are some special facts about Vermont?
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What are some special cities in Vermont?

Burlington is the most populous city in Vermont with a population of 42,417 as of the 2010 census. Montpelier is the capital city in Vermont.

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Some loan companies in Vermont include the Vermont Loan Broker in Burlington, Vermont; the Home & Loan Center in Rutland, Vermont; and the New England Federal Credit Union in Williston, Vermont.

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Mount Pillar and St. Albans Vermont are in Vermont.

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*Vermont has the only state capital without a Mc Donalds. *Known for it's coffee from the Green Mountains. *Populated by more cows than humans.

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Some of the animals of Vermont are the woodchuck and the wild turkey

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What are some nice hotels in Burlington Vermont?

The city of Burlington in the state of Vermont has many highly rated hotels. Some nice hotels in Burlington, Vermont are: Hotel Vermont, Hilton Burlington, and Courtyard by Marriott Burlington Harbor.

Where are some Ben and Jerry's factories beside the one in Waterbury Vermont?

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It is the 45th largest US State located in New England with a population of only about 621,760 and was the 14th US State and the birthplace of two US Presidents.

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