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Few people would reject the Christian gospel on moral grounds. Some would reject it on emotional grounds, for example after hearing of the predatory sexual behaviour of Catholic priests and other clergy. But by far, the most common reasons for rejecting the Christian gospel is that the Christian gospel is simply not believed.

Some who do not believe the Christian gospel do so because it conflicts with their own religious beliefs. This is just as rational as for a Christian not to believe in, say, the Hindu faith because it conflicts with his or her own religious beliefs.

Others reject the Christian gospel for intellectual reasons. They realise that there is no proof that God exists. They also realise that The Bible is far from infallible, with many inconsistencies and errors. Many simply do not believe in the truth of any religion, Christian or otherwise.

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Q: What are some specific moral emotional and intellectual reason that people reject the Christian gospel?
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The social Gospel is a protestant christian intellectual movement that was most prominent in the early 20th century in United States and Canada.

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A:People who reject the Christian gospel do not reject morality or the rule of law. Most reject the gospel on intellectual or rational grounds, rather than for emotional reasons. Othersfind that Christianity as a belief system is full of inconsistencies, based on inconsistent scriptures, and see no reason to blindly follow what others believe.Still others can not accept a religion in which some clergy perform the most grievous sins, such as paedophilia, and senior clergy support and shield them.A:They may have been already in very commited religon or they may just not want to admit their sins

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Christian faith practiced as a call not just to personal conversion but to social reform. Social gospel is a Christian faith that practiced as call not just to personal conversion but to social reform.