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What are some things people would do if they were a millionare?


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This question calls for an opinion and opinions differ. Do not remove answers simply because you disagree with them.

If I Were a Millionaire...

  • Well, if I were a millionaire (which is such great wishful thinking), I would set a substantial amount aside for my children, establish a wildlife preserve for the protection of wolves, construct a number of wind farms and travel (a lot). I would also invest in life insurance.
  • Usually people have different opinions about how to spend the $1,000,000 they earn (that would take about 100 years if you earned $10,000 spare money every year!) Like said in the section above, the contributor would like to spend it on his/her children, establish a wildlife preserve, and insurance/travel. However, I would spend it on my children's college funds, maybe mortgage and insurance for the family, and use some of the leftover (there would probably be a lot leftover) money to go on vacation. In general, different people have different opinions about spending $1,000,000 if they had it.
  • I would give a fraction of an amount to charity then I would use most of it buying stuff that I want and then with the money left I would give it to my 'loved' ones.
  • Okay I see such a good answers, but for me if I was destined to become a millionaire like the rest, I want to imply the financial stability in my family. With the left money, which is so overwhelming, I would of course do good deeds for the needy. You may never know why you have such luck. God gave you such grace that no one can earn no matter how industrious you may with your life. Raise a charity for the children who are starving, educate them give shelter to the homeless or help aid the poor people that can't buy medicines there are a lot of things in this world that you can do good and spend good with the money that everybody wants/crave. How I wish I could have that money because I long to have that not for myself but for the people around me who are the less fortunate. If God permits I will do that.