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What are some things that are tested on animals?


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Some products animals are tested on are some make-ups, medicine, and ointment.

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make up can be tested on animals Makeup, medicine, chemicals, and just all kinds of horrific and disgusting things.

depends ( says on packaging ) but some are tested on animals.

Some shampoos, body wash, medicine(s), perfumes, tobacco, and even food.

Tresemme is not tested on animals animals it says on the back of the bottle u by not tested on animals

no its not tested on animals

so,e type of products that are being tested on animals are things like shampoo, deodorant, drugs, household product and medicine.

Instead of animals being tested on, plants and humans can be tested on too. - Girl with answers.

depending on what is being tested. some items cause serious injury, some cause death

no it isn't tested on animals !!

M.A.C. is not tested on animals.

Yes, there are several brands of bleach that is not tested on animals. Some of the brands are Biokleen, Ecover, and Sprouts Farmers Market brand.

Some of it is but it usually says it on the packaging if it was.

Most make-up tells you if it has not been tested on animals. If it doesn't...then most likely it was tested on animals.

Cosmetics that are commonly tested on animals are lipstick, mascara, and cologne. Shampoos and conditioners are also tested on animals.

No, Avon perfume is not tested on animals. In fact, their whole line of cosmetics is not tested on any animals.

Shampoo and toothpaste are tested on animals.

It will say on the bottle or website if it is NOT tested on animals. If it doesnt say anything it probably is tested on animals

Medicines and other things are often tested on small animals. Being a guinea pig means things are being tested on you or are asking you to try something out.

There are actually many face creams that haven't been tested on animals. Just to name a few, mary kay, avon, st.ives and almay have all not been tested on animals.

a different variety of make up s can be tested on animals from brands like channel , mabeline and many more things. We should ban animal testing it is not right for animals to be treated that way.

yes is it really tested on animals

Carmex lip balm is not tested on animals.

No, Animals should not be tested, because animals are killed during the experiments and suffering during studies and they die in vain when they are tested.

no its because people are idiots and they dont relize that the things they test could have a different effect on animals then they do on humans.

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