What are some things to do in Denver Colorado?

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June 23, 2008 11:31AM

16th Street Mall is closed to traffic and is a walking mall. It is fun to walk, browse, and eat there, if you are downtown. There are some typical sites here... a zoo, an aquarium, and two amusement parks. Those are always fun to do with the family. There is a railroad museum that is cool. Casa Bonita is just north of Denver but is popular with tourists... they have gift shops and cliff divers inside the restaurant. Downtown is the Brown Palace Hotel. The restaurant there is also popular with tourists (food is better, less entertainment, very much more expense). The convention center usually has interesting stuff going on... car shows, conventions of all sorts. The Denver Mint is cool. The Molly Brown house is interesting (Molly Brown was a survivor of the Titanic). The Denver Center Theatre downtown puts on all sorts of shows, from Broadway hits that are coming through town to original shows. Excellent stuff. Red Rocks ampitheater is a good place to see a concert... open air natural concert setting near Denver.