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Get help. It's not something you want to do alone and it's too dangerous to run the risk of failure. ------------

Answer I agree. it is vital to get help from someone like a medical doctor, therapist, and/or nutritionist. There are also support groups and treatment centers that are available.

If you are already doing that or have done that, here are some more ideas.- Acknowledge that your behavior is unhealthy and you need to make changes. Change is YOUR choice.

-Learn to listen to your "self." Recognize and honor your needs and wants. Spend some quiet time so you can hear your "self."

-Set small goals that you can accomplish easily, and congratulate yourself for every success.

-Focus on the present and positive aspects of your life. Let go of the past and the future.

-Focus on feelings before, during and after negative behaviors. Whatever you are feeling is valid. Find alternative ways to resolve these feelings.

-Stop comparing yourself to others. You are a unique and valuable person just as you are. Value your individuality.

-Become aware of your negative self-talk. Challenge and dispute that talk. Replace the negative statements with positive statements and encouragement.

-Take time to nurture yourself in ways other than with food, such as a walk, a movie, a hot bath, a special present.

-Enjoy your body. Do activities you like, such as dancing, massage, yoga, swimming, biking.

-Talk to someone. Keep talking until you find someone who is willing to unconditionally accept your feelings, your needs; to accept your "true self."

-Start trying to appreciate different achievements in yourself and others. Work toward the point where weight and appearance are no longer something by which you rate your success. Think about your accomplishments, positive personal qualities, and valued relationships.

-Identify goals and activities you have been putting off until you're thin, make a list and start doing them now. Appreciate who you are now and start living your life today.

-Explore your possible ambivalence about giving up these behaviors and your fear of living without these old coping techniques. Take the risk to try new behaviors, without being certain of the outcome.

-Recognize your personal rights. You have the right to say no. You have the right to express your feelings or your opinion. You have the right to ask to have your needs met.

-Keep a journal of your experiences, feelings, thoughts and insights. This is a safe place to be honest with yourself. The journal can also help you identify your "triggers" so you may prepare yourself to choose alternate strategies.

-Develop a creative outlet. Take up painting, drawing, writing, dancing, singing. No one will judge it, and it is a great outlet for expressing feelings.

-Don't let the scale run your life. Remember the numbers on a scale are not a value judgment on your self-worth. Give the scale away.

-Relax. Be kind to yourself. Trust yourself. You can make changes.

-Don't diet. Instead design a meal plan that gives your body all the nutrition it needs for health and growth. Ask your physician to OK your meal plans and exercise schedule before you begin.

-When you start to get overwhelmed by "feeling fat," push beyond the anxiety and ask yourself what you are really afraid of. Then take steps to deal with the threat, if it is real, or dismiss it if it is not real.

-Don't let yourself get too hungry, too angry, too frustrated, too lonely, too tired, or too bored. Don't let yourself get pulled in too many directions by too many people, too many demands, and too many responsibilities. All these states are powerful triggers. Watch for them, and when they first appear, deal with them in a healthy manner instead of letting the tension build.

-Delete any "pro" blogs, unsubscribe to pro sites, take your pro friends off your buddy list!

-If you don't like your first therapist, try another one after you have given it your best shot. no one person is the best answer for you, sometimes it is a cumulative.

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Q: What are some tips on overcoming anorexia?
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