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In order to tongue so fast, Trumpet players will often use what's called "double tonguing". This technique is usually pretty difficult to master at first, so the best way to practice it and to gradually improve is to say "tiki tiki tiki tiki" over and over again, without the trumpet or mouthpiece. After awhile, try adding in the mouthpiece, but not buzzing. Then add the trumpet without buzzing. Then try buzzing and tonguing at the same time. It takes time to learn, but once you master it, it's a very good skill to have. Good luck! Keep up the trumpet playing!

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What is the differnce between a trumpet and a trombone?

There are many differences between a trumpet and a trombone. Here are some: * A trumpet is smaller than a trombone. * A trumpet uses valves to change notes while a trombone uses a slide. * A trumpet player can usually play high notes than a trombone player. That is why the trumpet is a member of the orchestra section called the high brass and the trombone is a member of the section called the low brass. * Trumpets usually get the melody a lot more often than trombones. * Trombones can glisando while trumpets (and any other instrument) can't. To gilsando is to just move your slide without tounging.

A sentence for improvise?

The trumpet player forgot the notes to play, so he improvised some new notes.

Take your breath away trumpet notes?

If you mean some notes that will take your breath away, some are E F and G.

Which is correct The notes of the trumpet sounds out of tune or The notes of the trumpet sound out of tune?

In this case, "sound" is correct. However, unless this is some kind of English paper or something where you have to use this phrase, it would be easier to simply say, "The trumpet is out of tune."

What must be done in order for a trumpet to be able to perform the same notes as a trombone?

The trumpet is an alto instrument. The trombone is a tenor or bass instrument. They operate an octave apart so you cannot perform all the same notes on the trumpet as the trombone. There is some crossover however.

Where to find a website that has trumpet notes?

See the related links section for some good resources.

What is a natural trumpet?

A natural trumpet is a trumpet played without valves. It is typically straight (not curved like a modern trumpet). The notes are changed using the lip muscles, aided by some holes drilled in the trumpet (although the holes are mostly used for fine tuning the instrument).

Is it hard to switch from trumpet to clarinet?

The easiest part is learning the notes and how a Trumpet and Clarinet's notes are different from other instruments in the band. Besides that, it's pretty much like starting a new instrument. For some people, it's harder, and for some, it's easier. I'd say that if you learned the trumpet pretty easy, it's going to be easy to start the clarinet.

What is the lowest note a trumpet can play?

The lowest and actual note a trumpet can play is a low F# beneath the G under the stageeg. working downwards:C B A G F#However some trumpeters can play notes much lower than this, but these are not real notes.

What are some songs with trumpets?

actually you can make any song or part on a trumpet just find the right notes its fairly simple

Why do people like the trumpet?

Well, the trumpet can play a wide range of notes. It is also a major instrument in most musical pieces. it is also lighter than some other instruments and has a very distinctive and independent sound.

Where can you find all the notes and songs for trumpet?

See the related questions section for some useful links to trumpet fingerings and sheet music websites.You will never find sheet music for every song written for trumpet, however. There are thousands of them out there, and new ones coming out all the time.

What are trumpet flowers?

There are several flowers called trumpet flowers. Some Asiatic lilies are called trumpet lilies. There are Indian, Chinese and Velvet trumpet flowers. There is a trumpet vine and an Angel's Trumpet flower.

What are the notes to America the beautiful on the trumpet?

it goes: G,A,B(flat),(high)C,(High)D,(high)D,(high)C,B(flat),is some of it

What is the smallest trumpet?

Probably some type of piccolo pocket trumpet.

Can individual trumpet performer can perform all three notes of a chord simultaneously?

No. Some players can hum a note while playing a note and create a two note chord.

What are some similarities and differences between the trumpet and the flute?

While the flute is in the woodwind family the trumpet is not, the trumpet is in the brass family.

What is the rest position for a trumpet?

There is no single answer. Some people rest the bell on the knee and hold the trumpet upright. Some people set the trumpet flat on the lap. Some conductors have a preference (for symmetry) and some don't care.

What are some classic trumpet songs?

The carnival of Venice The trumpet voluntary La virgin de la Macarena Handel trumpet concerto Hummel trumpet concerto

Can I get A diagram of the notes of a trumpet?

If you mean fingering chart, then yes. There are several charts on line that show the traditional fingering for a trumpet. I've listed a few below. Most start with the lowest note being F# below the staff. However, some list notes that are called "pedal tones," which are notes not normally written in music literature, but are sometimes used during practice sessions. Most of the charts end at high C, but depending on the ability of the player, notes can be played much higher than that.

Is a silver or lacquer trumpet better for marching band?

Some people think a silver trumpet in better for a marching band. Some people thing that a lacquer trumpet is better for a marching band.

What is a stop on a pipe organ marked Gospel?

There is no such stop in common use. It could refer to "Gospel Trumpet" which may be some variety of loud trumpet - many of which have diverse names; "Pontifical Trumpet," "Royal Trumpet," "Trumpet a Pavillon," etc,.

Did Louis Armstrong play a trumpet or a cornet?

Both. Primarily trumpet but he also played cornet on some great recordings. but he started on cornet then advanced to trumpet

How do you put a trumpet lyre in?

There is a small hole where the lyre can be inserted near the bell end of the trumpet. Some trumpets have the hole and some trumpets do not.

What are some famous trumpet songs?

"trumpet voluntary" by jeremiah clarke "final countdown" by Europe :D