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Head downtown:

Lolita @ 266 Broome Street: great happy hour specials and DJ on wknds

Delancy @ 168 Delancy: awesome patio for the warmer months

Welcome to the Johnsons @ 123 Rivington St: theme bar where the decor looks like it came out a 70s sitcom

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What does dive mean in diners drive-ins and dives?

A dive might just be a rundown neighborhood bar or it could be one frequented by low-life customers. Some dives are trendy and have a mix of penniless poets, street people and slumming celebrities.

What are some trendy hairstlyes?

pony tail

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The dipper dives and also starts with D also the darter dives under water and so do some ducks.

What are some trendy Christmas gift ideas?

Some trendy gifts this year for your family are: Car toys with cameras in them for kids, helicopters, and just normally anything that flies in the air.

Is the WWE dives real?

Some are real while some aren't depends on the graphic.

What is the Latin translation for the word trendy?


Where did soho get its name?

SoHo stands for South of Houston Street. It is a neighborhood located in Lower Manhattan, New York City known for its art galleries, boutiques, and trendy shops.

What is trendy meat?

a trendy meat is a meat that a lot of people like so the meat becomes trendy.

What is the area of Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives?

The area of Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives is 9,680,000.0 square meters.

What happens when a plane nose-dives?

When a plane nose-dives, the nose of the plane turns downward and the plane descends nose first toward the ground.

What are some trendy men's clothing stores in Montreal Quebec?


What are some trendy hairstyles for women?

Some trendy hairstyles for women are afro, bangs, beehive, blowout, bob cut, bowl cut, bouffant, bun, crop, finger wave, fontange, French braid, and more.

What are some examples of a gainer in the Olympics?

In the Olympics, a 'gainer' refers to a type of diving. 'Gainer' dives are also known as 'reverse' dives, and involve the diver performing somersaults in the air while diving.

What is Dives-sur-Mer's population?

Dives-sur-Mer's population is 5,912.

Who are Trendy in the Novela Rebelde?

Trendy = Roberta & Miguel Vondy = Roberta & Diego

How do you say trendy in French?

Trendy is "à la mode" or "tendance" in French.

What brand of bracelet is trendy today?

Juicy Couture Bracelets are very trendy.

Where else is there a place called Manhattan other than New York City?

# Manhattan, KS# Manhattan, IL# Manhattan, MT# Manhattan, NV# Manhattan, CO# Manhattan, FL# Manhattan, IN# Manhattan, MS# Manhattan, NY # Manhattan, PA

What is the kinds of dives?

Surface, shallow-water, deep-water and saturation dives in SCUBA - to name a few.

What rhymes with knives?

chivesdivesfiveshiveslivesLives, chives, hives, dives, jives.

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This permit allows you to take deep sea dives or dives in unsafe waters.

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A trendy jean brand for men is wrangler jeans.

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Shawls are not terribly trendy for teens this year, but they may be soon.

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Avenue C (Lower Manhattan) Cabrini Boulevard (Upper Manhattan) Canal Street (Lower Manhattan) Cardinal Hayes Place (Lower Manhattan) Carlisle Street (Lower Manhattan) Carmine Street (Lower Manhattan) Cathedral Parkway (Upper Manhattan) Catherine Lane (Lower Manhattan) Catherine Street (Lower Manhattan) Cedar Street (Lower Manhattan) Central Park North (Upper Manhattan) Central Park South (Midtown) Central Park West (Upper Manhattan) Centre Street (Lower Manhattan) Chambers Street (Lower Manhattan) Charles Revson Plaza (Upper Manhattan) Charles Street (Lower Manhattan) Charlton Street (Lower Manhattan) Chatham Square (Lower Manhattan) Chelsea Square (Lower Manhattan) Cherry Street (Lower Manhattan) Chisum Place (Upper Manhattan) Chittenden Avenue (Upper Manhattan) Christopher Street (Lower Manhattan) Chrystie Street (Lower Manhattan) Church Street (Lower Manhattan) Claremont Avenue (Upper Manhattan) Clarkson Street (Lower Manhattan) Cliff Street (Lower Manhattan) Clinton Street (Lower Manhattan) Coenties Alley (Lower Manhattan) Coenties Slip (Lower Manhattan) Collister Street (Lower Manhattan) Columbia Street (Lower Manhattan) Columbus Avenue (Upper Manhattan) Columbus Circle (Midtown) Commerce Street (Lower Manhattan) Convent Avenue (Upper Manhattan) Cooper Square (Lower Manhattan) Cooper Street (Upper Manhattan) Corlear Place (Upper Manhattan) Cornelia Street (Lower Manhattan) Cortlandt Street (Lower Manhattan) Crosby Street (Lower Manhattan) Cumming Street (Upper Manhattan)