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When you mean tricks, what kind exactly. Cheat tricks, glitches, loopholes, infinite far as I know, none. Try Google

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Q: What are some tricks in Pokemon Emerald?
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How do you get a stunt bike in Pokemon LeafGreen?

There is none its only in ruby sapphire and emerald where you can do tricks

What do you do to warp n Pokemon emerald?

Play Some Pokemon DUHHH

What is the difference between Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Emerald?

There are some different Pokemon. Rayquaza is also the main legendary Pokemon in Emerald, while Latios is the Ruby legendary. :)there is not a great difference between Pokemon ruby and Pokemon emerald the only difference between Pokemon ruby and emerald is that you can get 3 legandaires on Pokemon emerald and you can only get 1 on Pokemon rubyhope this helps damian

Where do you find all the Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

You can't possibly find all the Pokemon in emerald there are some you can't get like surskit. you can get most of the the hoenn Pokemon in emerald and some of the johto and kanto. But other than that you will need to trade the Pokemon over to you're current game.

How can you pass the guard thruogh saffron city in Pokemon Emerald in Pokemon bluesea?

there is no saffron city in Pokemon emerald, and there is no "Pokemon bluesea" but you can catch both Groudon and Kyrouge in emerald... blue sea is a fake created by some guy who needed some money.

Where is the emerald in pkemon emerald?

its not an emerald its RAYQUAZA the main legendary Pokemon in Pokemon emerald.

What are some tricks for defeating the Pokemon league champion?

well it will be good to have Pokemon on you and maybe use some attacks

What are some Pokemon Emerald Glitches?

The Cloning glich.

How do you get pokemon in emerald?

you weaken them..........then you throw a pokeball of some sort then you have that do you not know that

What is the braille message in Pokemon emerald?

It's just a history of some pokemon..

What Pokemon can use HM1 in Pokemon emerald?

why not try finding it out by getting some Pokemon and trying it on them

How do you get a bike in pokemon emerald version?

go to mauville city, to the right of the pokemon center theres a bike shop, you get to choose between 2 bikes, the acro bike is not that fast, but it can do tricks and easier to control, the mach bike is faster but it can't do tricks and its harder to control

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