What are some types of bicycles?

Types of Bicycles

Types of bicycles include:

Some different types of bikes are: * road bikes * track bikes * TT bikes * Touring bikes * MTB-XC bikes * MTB-DH bikes * MTB-AM bikes * MTB-Trial bikes * BMX-Dirt bikes * BMX-Flatland bikes * Cruisers * Recumbents
there are lots of different types of Bicycle, such as the mountain bike, the hybrid bike (also known as the city bike or commuter bike) and the tandem (a bike fro two people).
pro bikes:hoffman,dk,estern,mongoose pro,and haro are a few pro bikes,there are thousands of pro bikes out there.

non-pro bikes:regular mongoose,thruser,next(type of bike),and slasher are a other few,there are thousands of bikes out there,too.if you want to no more types of bikes,you look up more search engines(websites) like dans comp or dans bike shop or lukes bike factory,even walmart or toys r us.those are plases where you can find pro and non-pro bikes.