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What are some uses of a watermelon?

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3 Simple Things To Do With A Watermelon:
  • Cut It Up And Eat It
  • Take The Green Off And Eat The Pink Inside
  • Take The Green Off And Use The Pink For A Desert Or Special Dish
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Do watermelon have seeds?

Some do and some don't. There are seedless watermelon

Does watermelon have any uses besides eating?

Compost ( after eating)

Can you give me a sentence with the word watermelon?

Help yourself to some but obey the law- If you drink, don't drive- do the watermelon crawl. She showed me how to do the watermelon crawl. I'm ready for some of that watermelon!

What recipe uses pieces of watermelon?

Pieces of watermelon are frequently used in fruit salads. With the right mix of other ingredients, the watermelon joins in to create a symphony of juicy and flavorful taste sensations, and its texture is difficult to match using any other fruit. As an afterthought, there are some wicked drinks made with this fruit!

Do cats usually like watermelon?

Some do, some don't. I have met a few cats that absolutely love watermelon.

What could happen if you ate a watermelon outdoors and dropped some seeds on the ground?

If you ate a watermelon outdoors and dropped some seeds a watermelon could grow if in the right conditions.

Why there are hollowness in some watermelon?

A ripe watermelon will sound hollow when tapped. An over-ripe watermelon will have hollow spaces inside when cut open.

Can a pony eat watermelon?

As long as you don't overdue it, your pony may enjoy some watermelon.

Can dogs eat watermelon?

Some dogs love to eat watermelon.

How do some cultures use watermelon?

In China, the rind of a watermelon is fried and eaten. They also use the watermelon seeds as a snack (eaten like sunflower seeds.)

How are watermelon seeds dispersed?

As with all fruit seeds, watermelon uses animals to disperse seeds. When an animal eats a watermelon, the seeds generally pass through the digestive system unharmed. When the animal defecates, the seeds then come out (and embedded in the natural fertilizer).

What are some good watermelon martini recipes?

Here are three easy and delicious watermelon martini recipes:,,

How do you make watermelon juice?

You cut pieces of water melon and put some sugar into the blender with the watermelon and some cold water with ice.

Is watermelon good?

Watermelons are tasty, nutritious fruit and are very healthy for you. Watermelon is just basically water. It is very good for when you are dehydrated. Some people dislike watermelon. But, most people love watermelon. Like me! ?

What fruit is bigger than a watermelon?

I don't think there is any fruit bigger than a watermelon. But some fruits like Pamelo and Durian might be close to a watermelon. Some kinds of Cantoloupe are also very big.

What are some good gum flavors?


Why is watermelon watermelon?

Watermelon is watermelon because it is a melon that it filled with water see water-melon watermelon.

What is seeded watermelon?

Seeded watermelon has large black seeds in pink part, as well as some small white ones. SeedLESS watermelon came out a while ago--it has almost no seeds; usually there are still a few little white seeds. The term "seeded" watermelon is just to distinguish it from "seedless" watermelon.

Willmy horse die if give them watermelon?

We have been feeding horses watermelon for years. We have not lost one yet. Some will eat it and some horses do not like the taste

What are 5 adjectives in eating watermelon?

Eating juicy watermelon , eating red watermelon, eating pink watermelon, eating seedless watermelon (if it is seedless), and eating cold or warm watermelon.

Is there any calories or carbohydrates in watermelon?

There are some carbs (in the form of fructose, or fruit sugar) and about 80 calories per serving in watermelon.

Can galahs eat watermelon?

galahs can eat watermelon and watermelon skin!!

Who is the fastest watermelon eater?

Some watermelons have been known to eat each other in an act of cannibalism, so it might be another watermelon.

Can you eat too much watermelon?

I have never been able to. Only one thing better than WATERMELON... That would be more WATERMELON I have known some people who can not eat any at all Gives them the runs.

What the differences between watermelon and lemon?

Many answers, watermelon is larger, watermelon is green on outside, watermelon is red on inside, etc search watermelon and lemon on google