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* Falafel - Lebanese, Greek * Onion bhajees (Indian) - make sure they don't use ghee. * Chips, Potato friitters, Mushrooms, Vegan veggie spring rolls, Donuts. Make sure the take-out place frys their food in vegetable oil. Chinese is always a good bet for vegan take out. Buddha's delight. :)


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If you are looking for great vegan foods go to foodnetwork website. They offer great recipes for vegan diets. You can even find some that have videos to help you learn how to cook them.

Most fruits and vegetables.

Simple vegan foods like fruits, vegetables, grains and beans can be found at any supermarket. Products that are vegan can be found at specialy stores, or large markets like Whole Foods or Trader Joe's, which carry a lot of vegetarian, vegan and organic products. Some regular grocery stores may have a vegan or vegetarian section too. Online vegan stores will carry vegan products.

Wegmans has the largest selection, but some foods are vegan 'by accident,' just check the ingredients label! :] 'Oreos' are vegan. Most health/ natural food stores will stock them.

All kinds of vegetables, legumes, fruit, grains, nuts, seeds, and mushrooms are good vegan foods.

vegan and no cooking (foods cooked over 116 degrees F)

You can look online or in a phone directory to find some close to you.

If you go to whole foods there are some yummy vegan cheeses there such as Daiya be careful when picking them out though because some claim not to have dairy but they have dairy ingredients like casein.

Unless all your guests are vegan you should have a variety of foods. If you do not wish to do this then where it says Reception on the invitation put 'Vegan Food Served' and in brackets put what that means as some of your guests may not have any idea what that is. It does not need to be specified, but if you feel the need to mention it, write 'Vegan friendly food available.' All- Vegan Weddings are becoming more and more common. It is not necessary to accommodate non-vegan guests as suggested by some. Vegan foods are suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores. It should not need to be mentioned on the invitation.

If you eat a lot of high calorie vegan foods, it may.

Any holiday can be vegan if the food served is checked or ordered accordingly. Holiday resorts and tours which offer exclusively vegan foods.

* Anzac biscuits * Apple crisp Click on the links below for recipes.

Theres a long list of vegan food alternatives to almost every popular food item. Toffuti is a good alternative for ice cream, and many dairy products can be made with soy. There are vegan marshmallows, made from a vegan alternative to gelatin.

a vegan menu is a menu that has only vegan or some vegan food selections

Many small organic or vegan stores will sell it. Chain stores that will most likely have vegan pizza crusts include Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. Some large supermarkets may carry it, too.

Anyone can go on a vegan diet it's a matter of eating a healthy balanced vegan diet. Edamame, seaweed, legumes, nuts, carrots, green leafy vegetables, kale, broccoli and mustard can are some of the foods that can supress or stimulate the thyroid. Depending on the condition you would need to look into which foods you would need.

* Chips * Rice * Potatoes * Pasta

Whole foods markets have vegan foods. Some grocery stores may carry things like veggie-burgers and non-meat substitues, along with tofu and plenty fo your average fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds. Otherwise, there are always specialty stores that will sell vegan products. Trader Joes.

* 'Buddha's Vegetarian Foods', on Dundas St. W * 'Pulp Kitchen', on Queen St. E

Omnivores, we eat all types of foods, animal or vegetable. Although, some people are vegetarian or vegan.

Many store chains, such as Whole Foods or Trader Joe's, carry vegan products. There are also many individual stores and websites / companied with vegan products, too.

Yes. all vegan foods contain protein; apart from fruit and oils. If you are eating enough calories from a wide variety of foods you will be getting enough protein.

The key to making this diet work for you is to understand what nutrients are missing from the foods that you are not consuming and to learn how to balance your meals without these foods. You can find out more information on vegan diets at

The answer to this can vary from brand to brand. Cheezley and King land are vegan. And toffutti has a majority of vegan cheese but they do do a salmon flavour which is clearly not vegan. Wheras the Simply Better foods soy cheese is not vegan. There are a number of other brands and it's really a matter of finding out which ones are.

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