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There's a song by the Transplants called 'Diamonds and Guns'. That song is quite addictive!

Also look up the song Scatman.

Grandma Got Run Over by A Reindeer(Elmo and Patsy)

song that gets on everybody's nerves

Song that Never Ends(Shari Lewis)

We Will Rock You(Queen)

Seasons of Love(RENT)

We Didn't Start the Fire(Billy Joel)

Chicken Dance

Macarena(Los Del Rio)

Don't Stop Believing(Journey)

U Can't Touch This(MC Hammer)

Set Fire To The Rain(Adele)

Born This Way(Lady Gaga)

Smurf theme song

It's A Small World

YMCA(Village People)

Living On A Prayer(Bon Jovi)

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Q: What are some very addicting songs?
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