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What are some ways to cover your scent from dogs?


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No guaranteed answers, but maybe I can start the ball rolling for discussion on this one. Dogs have noses that are 1000s of times more sensitive than ours, right? So I'd figure that anything we find strong-smelling would be really strong for a dog. So ground pepper would seem logical? I think this is where that 'red herring' phrase came from, too - I think that's a pretty whiffy fish that was used for a related purpose in the past (either to create a false trail or to break the real trail).

AnswerI would use scent killer first. it is supposed to kill any scents on your clothing. you can get it at hunting stores, or in the hunting section a walmart. it has a deer in the cross hairs as a logo, and is very effective for me when hunting. just spray it on.
  • I do not think the scent killer would be effective. A dog tracks scent from the dead skin cells that you shed. You could not divert the dog with another scent either because a dog's nose is highly proficient at differentiating all the scents that it takes in. That is why they can sniff out drugs hidden in coffee beans.
  • Different dogs track people different ways. Some are true scent dogs (like bloodhounds) and others search also on crushed vegetation and sight (like German shepherds). Escaped inmates would try to thwart bloodhounds by using crushed bull-nettles on their path. Another interesting thing about bloodhounds is that they can track across still water.

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