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Some sites that you can use to do reverse phone lookups are AnyWho and Reverse Phone Lookup Guide. You can also try the cell phone lookup site My Reverse Cell Phone Lookup to look for numbers.

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There are sites like datacorelookup dot com that you can use to do reverse phone lookups.

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The official Yellowpages website has a reverse phone look up. You type in the number and it will tell you where the call came from. It will also tell you if it's a cell phone or land line.

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Although there are a variety of sites offering reverse phone lookup one of the best ones available is the Canada 411 site. Another option would be the whitepages site.

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Q: What are some websites where one can do a reverse phone number look up?
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Is there a fee for reverse phone lookup?

Services for reverse phone number look up are typically only offered for a fee. Some websites charge $1.99 per number while there are others that offer a monthly service for about $14.95 per month.

Do reverse phone number look up services work?

Yes, a reverse phone lookup can provide information about every person who has owned a particular phone number. Reputable websites will not charge if they do not find any results.

Where can i find a reverse number look up?

There are a few websites that let you do a reverse lookup, but it will only tell you whether or not it is a cell phone or landline and what city and state.

What exactly is reverse phone lookup?

reverse phone lookup is where you type in a phone number and it will identify who that number belongs to. Please take a look at

What are the phone reverse look up websites.?

virtual chase website offers a reverse number check, There price is the first 10 free and then 5.00 for 25 numbers. I have it here once and to be honest i did find out who called with just the easy method of putting there phone number in and found them with in 5 seconds.Great idea this reverse phone number check.

Using A Reverse Cell Phone Lookup?

Sometimes a number will show up on your caller I.D. that you won't recognize. Many people are hesitant to pick these phone calls up in the case that the person on the other line may be a telemarketer. A good solution to this problem is to look up the number in the phone book. However, if the number is a cell phone, more than likely the number will not be listed in the phone book. What you can do is utilize websites that specialize in reverse cell phone look ups. There are many free reverse cell phone look up directories available to you on the internet. Generally these websites will tell you the name and address of the cell phone owner, if they are listed.

How do you look up the origin of a phone number?

If the phone number is publicly listed, you can do a reverse phone look-up. If the number is not listed, there is no way to search it.

What websites offer a reverse address look up?

There are many websites that offer a reverse address look up when one enters a phone number. There is often limited information available with these services. WhitePages is a good site to use for this purpose.

A reverse phone number for my mobile?

There are a number of reverse phone number look up sites. Sprint has one that looks legitimate. You could also try

How and where should I go to complete a reverse phone number look up?

You can check this website By using this website you have to look for the tab reverse phone then put the phone number and click find.

Is there a free online reverse phone number lookup?

A great free reverse phone number look-up is The reverse look-up there is completely free. Another one that you can try is, which is also free.

Where can you do a reverse look up on a phone number?

Go to any reverse phone search website and type in the number you are looking for. If you are looking up a land line, the report should be free. Cell phone lookup reports will incur a small fee because cell phone information is private and must be bought by the reverse phone search company.