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The bender ball has a lot of work outs. I own the DVDs, so I can let you know what some of them are. They have many DVDs for different work outs.

One DVD is just for Pilates workouts. It says on the back of the DVD box, that the work out is "a combination of balance and Leslee Bender's method of Selective Stabilization." Actually, there are 2 Pilates DVDs. I haven't done Pilates Revolution yet.

There is another DVD that includes 2 workouts: Core Training and Buns & Thighs. I haven't looked at that one yet.

There is one that is just to improve your tushie area -- the Better Booty Boot Camp. It is to help tone that area. That one stars with a warm up and then gets harder and it also uses her Selective Stabilization.

There are even a few more to cover your total body workout. They all use the bender ball in different ways. Copyright forbids anyone from actually describing how to do the exercises, and I don't want to be held accountable if you do them wrong.

You can order the DVDs yourself at, and there is a little piece of the video on their site.

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Q: What are some workouts with the bender ball?
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