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What are somethings that men and women seem to find specially hard to do?


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September 13, 2011 7:35PM

Ok listen up.., Men naturally have a way of seeking multiple sex partners to pass off their off-spring, this is a natural survival skill of the man... That's why they carry multiple sperm and make millions a day. Women on the other hand is born with all the eggs she will ever have in life, the body doesn't make anymore, so her best strategy is to capture one male mate and try to pass off her off-spring. Knowing this you can realize through psychology that men have difficulty keeping a long attention span, being emotional attached very easily, and difficulty relating to certain points of view. Women suffer from the point of view thing as well. Women also release a chemical in their brain during sex that causes them to feel very emotinally attached and men have less of this chemical secreted during sex. This causes women to be alot more emotionally attached, and estrogen levels as well as monthly periodic cycles cause women to have more mood swings, and attitudes than men. So when men and women form a relationship, their most challenged trials are about sex, money, domination, emotional relation between each other and how they can coupe with each others personality, as well as the response of the sexes during monthly cycles.