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Stem cells are used for fighting off deadly diseases, and stem cells can help cell growth and reproduction.

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Are stem cells human?

Yes, some stem cells do come from humans. The stem cells are taken from embryos. Animals also have stem cells used in research.

Why can stem cells be used to treat paralysis?

stem cells can differentiate into nerve or muscle cells

How do adult stem cells compare to embryonic stem cells?

adult stem cells are more rare, where embryonic stem cells are a lot easier to be found. but embryonic stem cells are more likley to be rejected if they are used for transplants.

Can embryonic stem cells or adult stem cells be used to treat someone's Degenerative Disc Disorder?

Researches believe embryonic stem cells or adult stem cells can be used to treat someone\'s Degenerative Disc Disorder.

What are Mesenchymal stem cells used for?

Mesenchymal stem cells are used for regenerative and tissue engineering. More information on the use of stem cells can found on Wikipedia, Regenexx, Euro Stem Cell and many more.

Describe the process used for harvesting adult stem cells?

the process used in harvesting adult stem cells

What are some experiment ways stem cells are being used?

stem cells are being used to treat people with diabetes or soldiers with lost limbs.they are used to regrow this like limbs organs or tissue , especially embryonic stem stem cells

What kind of cells are used in cloning?

Stem cells

What are types of stem cells are most widely used in science today?

Adult stem cells

Are stem cells being used as artificial flavorings?

absolutely not! Stem cells are cells that have an undecided job which means they can be used for any part of the body.

Why are stem cells used?

Stem Stells are used for incitro fertilization and used to save lives

Can you donate stem cells?

You can donate stem cells for medical research, however they are less useful than that of the afterbirth of infants. Stem cells are blank cells which are used in the production of specialized cells in the body.

What is the process used for harvesting adult stem cells?

adult stem cells are harvested from bone marrow.

For in the use of embryonic stem cells?

Embryonic stem cells are used to treat a variety of diseases. Stem cells also help organs and tissues repair themselves.

Why do adult stem cells currently have fewer uses in therapeutic cloning that embryonic stem cells?

Adult stem cells are more specalized than their embryonic counterparts, embryonic stem cells can become any cell whereas adult stem cells can only be used to form certain cells.

What types of stem cells are widely used in science today?

There are four types of stem cells widely used today. They are Embryonic stem Cells - from a Embryo or fetus. There is also, Hematopoietic stem cells what are adult bone marrow. There is Neuronal stem cells what are from the brain. Finally there is another type of bone marrow what is called Mesenchymal stem cells. The difference between Mesenchymal and Hematopictic stem cells is because of there Daughter tissues. Mesenchymal - Muscle; bone; cartilage; tendon and Hematopietic - Blood cells; brain.

Can stem cells cure alzheimers?

Adult stem cells have been used and are still being used to cure many ailments as research continues. Embryonic stem cells have never been useful for anything do to issues of getting the cells to work. Adult stem cells, on the other hand, have been very useful is stem cell research.

What are five different types of stem cells?

There are five basic stem cells classifications there is embryonic stem cells, fetal stem cells. There are the Umbilical cord stem cells, placenta stem cells, and lastly there are adult stem cells.

When has stem cells been used to cure someone?

The stem cells are the undifferentiated cells from the embryonic mass. In recent days these are being used to cure several diseases.

How does cord stem cells helps people?

Cord stem cells are exactly like normal stem cells, but they do come from an aborted fetus like most stem cells. Just like normal stem cells, they can be used to create any other cell needed in the human body.

What is used for making new cells in our body?

Old cells and/or stem cells.

Are stem cells used in japan?

The applicability of stem cells can be felt globally. Their immense potential in the field of medicine is unparalleled. Stem cells are used in several countries, both developed and in the process of developing, which includes Japan.

Are fetal cells only source of stem cells?

There are 2 type of stem cells * embryonic stem cells * and adult stem cells fetal stem cells are grouped into the adult stem cell category

What are the three types of stem cells in adults?

Three types of stem cells in adults are hematopoietic stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells, and neural stem cells.

How might stem cells most likely be used in the future to treat human disease?

Stem cells could potentially be used as a source of renewable healthy cells and tissues.