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There is actually no percentage in the success rates for allergic desensitization. Often children can have Allergies (red ears are a good symptom, as well as rashes, swollen throat, watery eyes, etc.) Many children who are riddled with one allergy after the other can often get over them once they hit a certain age (sometimes during the start of puberty.) Some adults can be allergy free for years, but once they age (men/women going through menopause) allergies can often appear. The body changes every 7 years so it is highly possible that many allergies will disappear on their own. Meanwhile there are shots, or homeopathic doctors who can help reduce the suffering from such allergies. If one is highly allergic to seafood, or find they are allergic to so many things they don't know what is coming next, please carry an antihistimine with you at all times. For severe reactions to seafood, etc., 50 mgs. is recommended (that's 2 capsules) FOR ADULTS. If it is your child with an allergy please discuss this method with your doctor first for the correct dosage.

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Q: What are success rates for allergic desensitization?
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