What are sunglasses made out of?

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The lenses are made from either glass or plastic. The frames are generally made from plastic, nylon, a metal or metal alloy.

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Q: What are sunglasses made out of?
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Where are Oakley sunglasses from?

Oakley sunglasses were originally made in the U.S

Are carrera sunglasses made in China?

Carrera Sunglasses are made just outside Italy, not china.

Who makes Ferragamo sunglasses?

Ferragamo sunglasses are high end sunglasses made by Salvatore Ferragamo. These Italian made sunglasses are highly sought after by many fashion conscious people. Many stores and online sites sell Ferragamo sunglasses.

When were the first sunglasses made?

The earliest known sunglasses were made in China in the 12 century. These sunglasses were made from quartz rock. Protecting the eyes were not the only purpose of these early sunglasses. The judges in the courts of China also wore them to conceal their faces when they were questioning witnesses.

Where are arnette sunglasses made?


Where are Loewe sunglasses made?


Where are coach sunglasses made?

It varies by style, but Coach sunglasses are made by a 3rd party that also makes glasses for Prada and other high end designers. Contact your local store for specific information about where the sunglasses are currently made.

Are Chloe sunglasses made in Italy?

Yes. they are made in Italy.

Where are revo sunglasses made?

Revos are made at the Revo factory.

Is there scratch proofing that can be applied to sunglasses?

Anon Legion Sunglasses have lenses made from scratch resistant material.

Are Armani exchange sunglasses made in Italy?

Yes, they are made in Italy.

Where are Ray Ban sunglasses made?

People says the authentic ray ban is designed by Italy and made in U.S A. But it seems most rayban has made in Italy on the sunglasses. LOL.....

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