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The ring romeo gave to Juliet.

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There is no Benjamin in Romeo and Juliet ... unless he is in the audience.

Nowadays, generally speaking, an actress and an actor represent Romeo and Juliet.

the flowers that Paris brings for Juliet symbolizes his love for her

One epithet used in Romeo and Juliet is 'weaker vessels' which represent women. Another epithet is 'star-crossed lovers' which stand for Romeo and Juliet.

well this story became a tragety because of Juliet so i think a bloody white rose and dagger would simbolys Juliet better for she is the pure angel that became rebelious at the idea of marriage and became the dagger who who helped shed blood for her self

it represents the rivalry between the capulets and monetegues

Romeo is loser. So a bad pokemon team would represent his life very well.

Romeo and Juliet (1935), Romeo & Juliet (1968) and Romeo+Juliet (1996).

Love Song(Taylor Swift), Check Yes Juliet(We The Kings), Hey Juliet(LMNT)......

Romeo and Juliet act 2 when is the wedding of romeo and Juliet to be held?

After Romeo and Juliet married Romeo owned Juliet and everything she owed as well.

romeo and Juliet when is the wedding of romeo and Juliet to be held?

Yes, check out this link: also for other links you can just Google.

Juliet showed it by killing herself for romeo and vice versa they also fought to through many emotional, ohysical battles to love each other

Juliet Capulet is one of the leads in "Romeo & Juliet"

The morning (A Lark is a bird typically heard calling in the morning); after Romeo and Juliet's wedding night.

Juliet Was On The Balcony And Romeo Was Below The Balcony (City Verona)

The most famous quote from Romeo and Juliet is by Juliet saying 'Romeo, Romeo, where fore art thou Romeo' which basically means 'Romeo Romeo why are you Romeo'

Romeo caught sight of Juliet and they instantly fell in love. Then Romeo went looking for Juliet, once he found her they were talking deeply and kissing. Then Romeo finds out that Juliet is a Capulet and Juliet finds out that Romeo is a Montague.

In the 1996 Baz Luhrmann film (which is the only one using the title "Romeo+Juliet" as opposed to "Romeo and Juliet" or "Romeo & Juliet") Juliet is played by Claire Danes.

Romeo is in love with Juliet. Before Juliet, Romeo was infatuated with Rosaline. Romeo and Juliet married in secret and tragically died.