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Q: What are synonyms of panda?
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How do you say gaint panda in french?

giant panda - panda géant? huge panda - panda énorme large panda - grand panda

What is a name for a female giant panda a male giant panda and a baby giant panda?

female giant panda=female giant panda male giant panda=male giant panda baby giant panda=baby giant panda x

Is the red panda the smallest panda?

Yes. The red panda is the smallest panda.

Is quick and speedy are a synonyms antonyms or homophones?

They are synonyms.

Is a panda an elephant?

No. A panda is a panda. And an elephant is an elephant.

How do you say panda in french?

panda : ours panda

How do panda have their babies?

A male panda and a female panda....

How many panda species is there?

There are two species of panda - the giant panda and the red panda.

Why is the red panda called a panda even though its not a panda?

idk, why is the panda bear called a panda bear it it's not a bear? The person who first saw 'red panda' thought it looked liked a panda and therefore called it a panda!

What is the volume of a panda?

Depends on the size of the panda. Are you referring to a baby panda or an adult panda?

What do you call a small panda?

lil' panda baby panda

Is a red panda as big as a normal panda?

a red panda is a lot smaller that a normal panda

what logo has a panda on it?

Panda Express is one logo with a panda on it.

What is the Japanese word for panda?

panda is actually panda in Japanese.

What is a panda's texture?


What does panda stand for?

The term panda can refer either to China's giant panda, or the unrelated red panda. Why the name panda was selected is unknown.

What does the blue panda look like?

There is no such thing as a blue panda. The two species with the common name panda are the Giant Panda and the Red Panda.

How do you say panda in spanish?

oso panda - lit. panda bear. (male)osa panda - " (female)

What is the name of the small panda that shares the forest with the giant panda?

it is called a lasser panda, or a red panda

Is a giant panda is the same as a panda bear?

Yes, the giant panda is also known as a panda bear.

How many types of panda are there throughout the world?

There are two species of panda - the giant panda and the red panda.

What species is a panda?

a panda is a panda. it is also in the bear specie group

What kingdom is a panda?


Why does Panda Express represent a panda?

because it is called panda express

What is the gestation period of red panda?

its when a panda has sex with another panda