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Q: What are talking is all rubbish the rakyat is big enough to understand what is happeny?
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What are some ways to help someone who feels they are 'not good enough' or 'worthless'?

There are several ways to help someone that feels they are not good enough or worthless. The best thing one can do is help that person by talking them through their situation and helping them understand why they are good enough.

Why are waiters rude?

maybe cauz they had enough of costumers ,leaving rubbish on the floor and shouting to much...

How many private rubbish removals in sydney?

If you are looking for an exact number I don't have the information but for sure there are many enough. You can search google for rubbish removal company in sydney and see the results... "About 15,100,000 result"

How do we determine parental rights after divorce?

Parental rights should take into consideration talking with the children if they are old enough to understand. Parents need to compromise and come to a mutual decision that is in the best interest of the children.

Is kesha NOT for little kids?

Kesha isn't FOR little kids, but they should be aloud to listen to her all they want! Its not like they ll understand what shes talking about they ll just enjoy her catchy music. And if they do understand everything then they re probably old enough to choose they re own music..

What is a big word for caring?

if your talking about a girl enough there is never enough... or to little

What does clear mean in That's clear enough?

i understand [i think] :) ;)

When to use word talking?

When texting language isn't enough.

Where is the cable for a 1993 villager?

Not enough information. What cable are you talking about?

How old do mammals have to be old enough?

Depends on which mammal you are talking about.

Why are the x-men films so rubbish?

Because they spent so much money on wolverine, they didn't have enough money to do anything else with the films.

Is there a reason you have to be thirteen on fanfiction?

You have to be old enough to understand the legal portions of the site, and 13 is considered old enough.