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Q: What are tata steels promotional tools?
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What are the uses of Medium-carbon steels?

Garden tools and springs

Top ten steel companies India in 2010?

• Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited • Steel Authority of India • Tata Steel • Visveswarayya Steels • Bokaro Steel Plant • Bhilai Steels • Essar Steels Limited • Jindal Steel & Power • KVS Ispat • Jindal Steels Limited

What is marketing.explain various promotional tools in tourism?


What is a promotional objective?

Promotional objectives are business tools used in marketing. The three main promotional objectives are to inform the market, increase demand and differentiate a product.

What combination of promotional tools an organization uses is called its?

promotion mix

The goal of is to combine all the promotional tools used by a firm into one comprehensive and unified promotional strategy?

integrated marketing communication

What are the effect of promotional tools on product sales?

Many companies and organizations use advertising promotional products and promotional items to help to sell their products or services. If your choice of promotional products is good, then people will see your products reliable and can be trusted also.

What are the uses for tool steel?

Tool steels are used to make various tools. That includes tools for cutting other metals, polymers, etc. Some of the tool steels e.g. M2, M4, A2 etc are used in knifemaking, both production and custom knives.

Top ten steel companies India in 2008?

Top ten steel companies India: 1.Rastriya Ispat Nigam Limited(Vizag Steel Plant),Visakhapatnam. 2.Steel Authority Of India(SAIL),Salem. 3.Tata Steels,jharkhand. 4.Visveswarayya Steels. 5.Bokaro Steel Plant,Bokaro. 6.Bhilai Steels,Bhilai. 7.Essar Steels Ltd. 8.JSD Steel. 9.KVS ispat. 10.Jindal Steels Limited.

Explain how promotional tools used by an airline would differ if the target audience were consumers who travel for pleasure vs corporate travel departments who select the airlines used by employees?

Explain promotional tools by using corporate travel

What has the author M R Bajalan written?

M. R. Bajalan has written: 'Machining of steels with ceramic tools'

Annealing of steels is for?

annealing for steels

What steel is used for impact tools?

Steels used for impact tools belong to a specific tool steel category call shock-resisting steels. This category includes grades such as S-1, S-5 and S-7. Of these grades S-7 is by far the most commerically produced grade. S-1 and S-5 are manufactured in limited quantities for very specific uses. This type of tool steel is produced to withstand the severe impact for tools such as chisels and hammers where they will be used repeatedly. The toughness of these tool steels is extremely high while the wear resistance is very low. Some tool steels such as H-13, CPM 1V and ASP 2012 offer high levels of toughness for impact tools while offering better wear resistance. Please see the related link for information regarding tool steels and their uses.

Tata full form?

tata came from the name jamshedji tata. tata is his cast .

What type of metal are hand tools typically made of?

Tools are made from a variety of carbon and alloy steels that are particularly suited to be made into tools. Their suitability comes from their distinctive hardness, resistance to abrasion, their ability to hold a cutting edge.

Qualities of Ratan Tata?

about ratan tata about ratan tata

What is promotion used for?

Various promotional tools are used to communicate messages about products, ideas, or services from firms to their customers

What are the advantages of high speed steels?

The primary advantages of so-called high speed steels is in their ability to withstand heat created from the friction of a fast moving cutting tools such as drill bits or saw blades. They are formulated with specific alloys which make them heat resistant and more wear resistant than regular high carbon steels.

Who is the cairman of tata?

The present Chairman of Tata is Mr. Ratan Tata

What is the percentage of carbon in steel tools?

Tool steels usually contain from 0.5% to 2.5% carbon. This level of carbon is necessary to combine with the carbide forming elements in the tool steels. These carbide-forming elements, when combined with the carbon, provide the necessary hardness and wear resistance. Check out the related link for more information on tool steels and their alloying element.

Who is the founder of TATA?

Ratan TATA

Who are the promoters of tata motors ltd?

Promoters Mainly Include Tata Sons and Other Tata companies such as Tata Steel.

Why high speed steels used for tools equipment?

because hss are harder than rest types of metal hence they are used for cutting metal

TATA group headquarter?

who is tata group chairman ? Tata Group Chairman is Mr. Ratan Tata. And Tata Group headquater is in Mumbai India called as Bombay House.

Which Indian Enterprise used the slogan - Improving the quality of Life?

Tata the Indian Enterprise used the slogan - Improving the quality of Life...