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Q: What are ten greek words that are also American?
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Does decabrachial mean ten arms in Greek?

Ten arms is the meaning of decabrachial in Greek language

How do you write in words 412010?

American English, four hundred twelve thousand ten. British English, four hundred and twelve thousand and ten.

What does the Greek prefix Decca mean?

The Greek prefix decca means "ten." It is commonly used in words related to measurements or quantities that are ten times the standard unit or size. For example, a decathlon refers to a sporting event with ten different track and field events, and a deciliter is a unit of measurement equal to one-tenth of a liter.

What is a Greek Island you can use for a project?

A Greek Island that is easy to study and that you could use for a project is Paros(that is how you spell it), the second biggest island of the Cyclades, it is also one of the top ten Greek islands.

How did the decagon get its name?

The prefix "deca-" in Greek means "ten" and the suffix "-gon" means "side" in Greek. Therefore, "decagon" literary means "ten side" in Greek.

Is DECA Greek or latin?

It is derived from the Greek Deka meaning ten

Can you give me ten alternative words for said?

There are many alternative words. Try spoke or stated. There is also mentioned.

What does the Greek word dec mean in English?

In Greek Dec means ten

What is 10000000000000000000000000000 written in words?

10 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 American name Ten octillion or European Name Ten quadrilliard

If you are in the Top Ten of American Idol one year can you also be in the Top Ten the following year?

no you can't. if you make it to Hollywood though but don't make it to the top can try out the following year.

What is 10010010 in words?

Ten million, ten thousand, ten.

What are ten words related to the word fashion?

what are ten words related to fashion