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What are the 1997 Dodge Ram Van wheel alignment specifications?


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Camber .25 deg pos

caster 2.6 + .7

toe +20

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{| ! ADJUSTMENT ! PREFERRED ! RANGE | CASTER + 2.5° ± 1.25° CAMBER 0° ± 0.6° WHEEL TOE-IN 0° ± 0.25° |}

Your tires are bad or you need an alignment. Get your tires checked, they may need to be replaced or rotated, and you can check your alignment by letting go of the steering wheel while driving, if it drifts left or right significantly, you need an alignment.

six lug nuts per wheel on the 97 dakotas

1997 Dodge Ram 3500, Reg cab, 8ft bed, 5.9L V8 gas engine,135" Wheel base, Rear wheel drive, Dual rear wheel, Manual transmission w/OD, GVWR is 10,500

Check with your local tire shops. With some shops alignment is free with any tire purchase. Others charge aprox $80 for a standard front end alignment.

Sort of. Changing the alignment is no biggie, but w/o special measuring gear it's really hard to know if you've made it better or worse.

Remove the driver's side rear wheel; remove the inner fender well behind the wheel.

Your switch on your sterring wheel colum is bad. Replace.

there is no carburetor on a 97 dodge there is an fuel injection system which is the whole top of the engine and there is diagrams and specifications in chilton which you can but at oreilly or auto zone for about 20 bucks.

I need to know the timing marks for when I put both the cam shafts back on and the head torque specifications for a 1997 KIA Sportage, two wheel drive.

A two wheel alignment or a four wheel alignment? Where are you located? I'm near philly two wheels start at around 50 bucks four wheels are closer to 100. Best bet is to call up local shops near you tell them what you need and see how much they charge. Each place is different and it also depends on which you want obviously.

I corrected the problem on my 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 by replacing the upper and lower ball joints.

I think it should be somewhere under the dashboard under the steering wheel.

Ah, a trick question! Are you asking how to adjust the tilt feature of the steering column, or is the steering wheel off center when the wheels are pointed straight ahead. If this is the case, you generally don't adjust the steering wheel. You have the wheel alignment checked/adjusted.

Yes, i guess they did there is a transmission on craigslist right now for that truck. I am not sure if it is for wheel drive or rear wheel.

No, a 1997 Dodge does not have a cabin filter.

no they won't in 2002 they changed the bolt pattern with the body style. the 2002 and newer are much larger that the 90's style

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