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It flys better and is awesome

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Q: What are the 2 advantages of having a rocket with low air drag?
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What is the drag coefficient of a water air powered rocket which is a 2 liter bottle?

Due to scientific research it is 1.5

What is the rocket definition of drag?

Whether it is a rocket, a kite, or an airplane, drag is what is caused by the air's resistance to an object passing through it. It is the reason cars are streamlined and low to the ground. It is why a falcon folds its wing close to its body when it swoops down on its prey.

What factors are going to affect thte drag on your rocket?

If there is any. On Earth the rocket will become hot from air resistance and slow down, but in space, without air or friction, the rocket would keep moving the same direction forever or until it hits something or is affected by gravity.

What is the danger for a rocket having a air pocket inside the solid fuel?

The rocket might explode from the added pressure when the combustion reaction hits the air pocket. - apex

How does adding wings to a film canister rocket effect the flight of the canister?

It helps because the wings cut through the air and there is less drag

What rocket flies faster a rubberband rocket or a air rocket?

Compressed air rocket.

How does atmosphere affect a rocket?

the atmosphere will slow a rocket due to air resistance dispite the popular notion that the rocket would work better for having somthing to push against.

Why cant jets go as fast as a rocket?

All things being equal, the speed of a rocket or jet depends on the power of the engine, the weight of the vehicle and the drag on the vehicle. But rockets do have some advantages: They can travel in space where there is no drag. Jets require air. It is possible to build very powerful rockets with very little weight. Jets are heavier for the same power. Of course, jets are made for continuous use. Rockets are frequently one-time use.

What is a sentence for air drag?

The air drag was so heavy that it pulled me with it

What are the advantages of having an air guitar rather than a real one?

There really is no difference, an Air guitar is just cooler.

What are the advantages of having an air guitar rather than a real guitar?

You don't have to know any chords on an air guitar.

How does the shape of a car make it faster?

the shape of the car is vital when designing because if you want a high speed car then it has to be aerodynamic this makes it easier for the air to go around the car and stops it from having drag drag is the force of the air that is pushing on a car if you want a fast car you need less drag