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What are the 3 sects of Christianity Islam and Judaism?

The worlds largest religions. In that order.

What are tongans religions?

The three largest religions are Catholic,Methodist, and Mormon.

What are the 5 largest world religions?

In order from largest to smallest 1.Christianity 2.Islam 3.Hinduism 4.Buddhism 5.Judaism

What is the largest of the indigenous religions?


Which is the largest religion in the world in the 2009?

Based on the number of followers, both Islam and Christian religions are the largest world two religions.

What are the five largest religions on the world?

1. Christianity 2. Islam 3. Hinduism 4. Buddhism 5. Judaism

What religions do most people in Asia practice?

Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity are the largest religions in Asia.

What is the major religions of Hungary?

1. Christianity (Catholicism, Protestantism, Orthodoxy) is the largest in population size in total percentage 2. Judaism is the second largest in population size in total population 3. Other is the third largest 4. No Religion is the fourth largest

What religions are in Jerusalem?

People of many religions live in Jerusalem. The three largestare Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. There are others.

What are the largest religions world wide?

Roman Catholic and Muslim

Which of the 5 major religions is has the largest number of followers?


What is the largest religions in Philippines?

Christianity is the largest religion in the Philippines with the majority of Catholic Filipinos. the next is Islam.

What are the different religions in America?

There are quite a few different religions that are practiced in America. The largest practiced religion in America is Christianity.

What is the second largest religion in russia today?

Order of largest religions in Russia:Russian Orthodox, Muslim, Buddhismsecond largest= Muslim

What are 3 main religions does Canada have?

Canada is an ethnically and religiously diverse country, in which all of the religions of the world can be found. The religion with the largest membership is Roman Catholicism. Another major religion is the United Church of Canada. Based on recent immigration, Islam probably qualifies as #3.

What are the 3 major religions of Africa?

the 3 major religions of Africa are Christianity ,Islam ,and indigenous

What are Germany's main religions?

Roman Catholicism is the largest religion in Germany

What are the 4 largest religions in the world?

Christians,Jewish,Muslims,and Hinduism

What are the world's three largest monotheistic religions?


Where is the largest population of uncircumcised males in the US?

In religions that forbid circumcision.

What religions are presented to Indonesia?

Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population!

What are the 4 largest monotheistic religions?

Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism.

What major religions are there in India?

Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu is the largest.

What are the two largest religions in the world today?

C. Christianity and Islam

How did ancient Judaism differ from other religions at that time?

Judaism's largest difference from other religions at the time of its founding was that it was a Monotheistic religion.