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Which are the organs of the excretory system?

The excretory system is formed of kidneys (two), ureters (two), bladder and urethra.

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Organs of the excretory system are a diverse group. The thing they share in common is the removal of wastes from the body.The main organs in the excretory system are...1.Kidneys2.Bladder3.Skin4.Lungs5.Ureters6.Urethra7.LiverNo kidney, bladder, and aorta

to release wast is the main purpose of the excretory system.>3

kidney, lungs; and intestines

the main organs are the bones,bone narrow and the joints

The answer is mouth,stomach and oesophagus.

The major organs of the Muscular System are the muscles. The 3 types of muscles are the smooth, cardiac, and skeletal muscles.

The three main organs are the heart, the lungs, and the blood vessels. Veins, capillaries, and arteries aren't organs, but they are an important part of the circulatory system.

The nervous system and the circulatory system work together in that the brain sends signals to the heart that cause it to pump. The circulatory system works with the excretory system because waste materials are transported by blood to the organs of the excretory system. The respiratory system is intertwined with the circulatory system, as the respiratory system provides oxygen for the red blood cells.

The main organ would be the Heart. Other major organs are the veins and arteries. Lungs are also a part of the blood circulatory system.

the three main organs of excretion are :- 1). lungs 2). urinary bladder 3). anus

The three organs of the respiratory system are the nose, larynx, and lungs.

There are 3 accessory organs and 1 organ. The 3 accessory organs are nail, hair, and glands. The one organ in the integumentary system is skin.

The tonsils, thymus gland, and the spleen are all accessory organs of the lymphatic system.

Some ailments of the excretory system are: 1) Nephritis 2) Bladder Cancer 3) Kidney Failure 4) UTI( Urinary Tract Infection) 5) Kidney Cancer

The main organs of the circulatory system are the heart and blood vessels. The lungs also play a part in the system but are not a specific part of the circulatory system.The main organs in the circulatory system in the human body are the heart and the blood vessels such as the veins and is the heartThe heart. It circulates oxygenated blood from the lungs to the rest of the body and give oxygen to de-oxygenated blood by sending it to the lungs. The heart has four parts, the left atria, the right atria, the left ventricle, and the right ventricle. There are also a bunch of valves that open and close these chambers.its the heartIt is the Heart. the main organs of the circulatory system include the heart, veins and arteries. (: Bye. The heart, lungs, and liver.

two or more organs <3

The stamen, the pistil and the ovary.

The major organs of the Muscular System are the muscles. The 3 types of muscles are the smooth, cardiac, and skeletal muscles.

Three of the many organs in the female reproductive system include the uterus, ovaries, and vagina.

the 3 main organs of a plant are the root, stem, and leaves.

The three main organs are the lungs, the trachea and the larynx. There are others also since the system doesn't work alone: muscles such as the diaphragm and the upper nasal passages plus the tiny alveoli and the tiny blood vessels around them.

1) Small Intestine 2) Large Intestine 3) Gall Bladder 4) Pancreas 5) Stomach

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