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Metals, Nonmetals, Transition Metals, and Metalloids.

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Elements are found on periodic table. Compounds are not present on periodic table. The table does not contains mixture.Elements can be found on a periodic table. Compounds can be made by bonding two or more elements. But they are not depicted on the periodic table.

The elements on the periodic table are divided in three categories which are metals, non-metals and metalloids.Metals and nonmetals are two categories that are used to classify the elements in the periodic table. The third is inert gases.

The elements found in the center of periodic table are transition elements. They are placed in group 3-12 in periodic table.

The three main categories of elements on the periodic table are metals, metalloids, and nonmetals.

All known elements and sereval that are believed to be real, are found on the periodic table. Thus the name "periodic table of elements".

the three main categories are non-metal, metal, and metaloid. those are the main categories of the periodic table.

Elements are found on the periodic table.

Electronegativity is not found on the Periodic Table of the Elements.

noble elements are the stable elements. They are found in group 18 in the periodic table.

The Periodic Table is a table of elements but water is a compound.

2 elements are found in the first period of the Periodic Table of the Elements

Everywhere. The periodic table only has elements

The periodic table contain all chemical elements.

Elements are found on the periodic table and have a chemical bond

Periodic table is an arrangement of elements. Not minerals and hence minerals are not found on the periodic table.

In general, the elements with higher atomic numbers are the most radioactive and they are found at the bottom of the Periodic Table of Elements

The periodic table is an arrangement of the elementsfound in nature.

Only 2 elements of the 126 elements in the periodic table are liquid.

The elements that are found on the left side of the periodic table are alkali metals.

All of them, the periodic table has all of the elements the human discovered or made..

Elements with similar properties on the periodic table are found in columns called groups or families.

The modern periodic table was developed because there was a need to organise elements in a way elements can easily be found (on the table) and for periodic trends to be observed.

Those found on the "Periodic Table of the Elements".

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