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We didn't provoke attacks, they sneak attacked the US for future world domination.

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What affected Americans after the Pearl Harbor attack?

effects on Americans after pearl harborDue to the attack on Pearl Harbor, many things effected amercians, including destroyed boats/equipment and many deaths. The attack on Pearl Harbor also effected Americans because it lead them to join in World War 2.

8 nonfictional things from pearl harbor?

one of them was the attack of the japanees peeople in December 7,1941.

Did the U.S bomb Japan before Pearl Harbor?

No. One of the things that left so many Americans angry was that the attack on Pearl Harbor was "out of the blue" and unprovoked.

What 2 important things didn't Japan take out during the Pearl Harbor attack?

The US carrier fleet which was at sea on an exercise at the time.

What things helped to cause World War 2?

hitler taking over poland in september 1939 pearl harbor attack 1941

I need 2 more significances. What was the significance of the attack on Pearl Harbor other than it caused the US to join the war?

A few things right off the top of my head, that you would have to look more into would be this: After Japans surrender they were not allowed to operate a military. And you could also research some more on the domino effect of allies connected through the united states to join the war. Sorry I was much help. But I hope maybe you can work with it. Try going to wikipedia.com and just searching pearl harbor.

What predicted surprise attack on Pearl Harbor?

A whole lot of things ranging from the U.S. cozy relationship with Chiang Kai Chek and the Nationalist Chinese years before Pearl Harbor to reports from the U.S. Ambassador to Japan as much as 10 months prior to the attack. Read "Human Smoke" by Nicholson Baker for more details.

Why does the US condemn Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor?

Because it happened prior to a formal declaration of war. Prior to the atomic age (1945) that was the way of doing things.

What was not damaged in the attack of Pearl Harbor?

There were three major things that were no more than minorly damaged during the December 7th attack: (1) drydock and ship repair facilities of the Pearl Harbor Naval Base (2) Oil and fuel storage facilities around Pearl Harbor and the airbases (3) Army and Navy communication and cryptography centers in Honolulu. It turns out that any one of these three was far more important to the war effort than the total loss of life and ships suffered in the attack.

What plan did Japan use to attack Pearl Harbor?

They used various things but most publicized were kamikaze pilots (suicide pilots) that flew their bomb loaded planes directly into things, therefore creating a massive bomb.

What three things does drinking provoke in Macbeth?

Anger, hallucinations, listening to Lady Macbeth, and murder.

Why would Japans coastline be important?

its important becaus they need to trade things with other people and countries

Magic the Gathering 1 can you tap out of Provoke 2 Also Embermage Goblin is provoked by Korisan Vorin EG taps does one damge before provoke untaps because of provoke can it tap again?

Provoke is an activated effect that triggers when the attack is declared. You may freely respond to this, or do things after resolution, but before the Declare Blockers step, which is where the provoked target must be declared as a blocker. So yes, it is perfectly legal to wait until Provoke untaps a creature, then tap it again through whatever means - making the provoked creature unable to be declared as a blocker. In the case of an untapped creature, it is almost the same. You may tap the Embermage Goblin in response to the Provoke trigger going on the stack. One damage will be dealt, then the Provoke trigger will resolve, untapping him. Before the Declare Blockers step, he can tap again to activate his ability, dealing a second point of damage, and stopping him from having to be declared as a blocker.

Can zombies attack Florida?

No. They can't attack anywhere. There are no such things as zombies.

You are 18 and suffer with spots is there anything you can do to get rid of them shop products make them worse?

Eating sweet things and fatty things can provoke spots, so avoiding eating those things might help.

Why do killer whales attack?

They attack other living things because they are carnivorous.

Why is war a product of a man's choice?

Because all men choose to do the things that cause war. Hitler chose to try and take over the world. Japan chose to attack Pearl Harbor. War is not started by the innocent.

Do raccoons like to attack things?

Raccoons would only "attack" something that is attacking them. They may also "attack" small animals that they intend to eat. Raccoons do not "like" to attack things, it is just a part of life that they must do to survive.

What is a computer attack?

A computer attack is basically either when a hacker is on your computer doing things that you can do. Or it can be a Virus

Is it heartburn or heart attack?

Heart burn and heart attack are two completely different things

How does the devil attack you?

he can attack you by putting bad or ungodly thoughts in your head or urgin you to do things your not suppose to

What are four things that can cause an asthma attack?

Four things that can cause an asthma attack would be: allergic reaction, stress/anxiety, exercise induced, smoking

What two main things brought the US into World War 2?

The attack by Japan on Pearl Harbor Hawaii and Adolf Hitler's declaration of war on the United States were the impetus that forced the US to fight both the Pacific and European Theaters of war.

What is the moral lesson of Pearl Harbor?

The moral lesson of Pearl Harbor is to always be ready for disaster. Without proper preparation, bad things are often much worse.

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