Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

What are the AR cheats for Pokemon Diamond ds?


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go to www.codejunkies.com and www.supercheats.com to find out AR Pokemon Diamond/Pearl codes for the DS

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You can use AR (action replay) cheats with the AR for the DS.

It's called Pokesav. You can find it at their website, http://www.pokesav.org/

an AR iz actually an ACTION REPLAY the thing for ur ds that comes w/cheats and codes,u can also get more cheats on the internet(i recamond CODE JUNKIES)

go to elitepokemontrainers.net they have good cheats there.

Search for '' Pokemon diamond DS cheats '' on Google. Sorry, some may require action replay :(

none for Pokemon platinum dsi but for Pokemon platinum regular ds

ar is short for action replay. its a cheat code thing for ds games.

the last answer said action replay,but ... i hate that cause i no have it

You have to have the action replay DS cheats to do the cheats on Pokemon my brother has the cheats for the ds...

Probably not, but you can find a lot of them at www.codejunkies.com under Nintendo ds/GBA/pokemon diamond

you have to buy a cartridge that fits into the top of your ds called an action replay

Yes When You buy a action replay it is the latest update so it has every code. As Pokemon diamond is already out it will definetly have cheats for it.

An AR only loads cheats onto your game and i think its only works with DS games (mind does anyway Q_Q) an AR max can be used to upload your Pokemon save to the pokesav program, and i also think that it can use cheats for DS games and GBA games.

No, but you can get more cheats off the internet and there are a lot of cheats allready on the DS action replay card

the ar code is :94000130-fcff0000-621c4d28-00000000-b0000004-00000000-e00052be-00000007-6363631c-00636363-d2000000-00000000

this will help : http://www.supercheats.com/nintendods/pokemondiamondcheats.htm http://www.neoseeker.com/Games/cheats/DS/pokemon_diamond.html

Yes, have cheats for Pokemon diamond on nogba. Download the copy of cheat code editor in this site WWW.R4DS.COM and go to open cheat database, and open a program called 'urscheat', then have millions of games for ds and go to a "+" in right of Pokemon diamond.

sorry but there are no cheats for pony friends!

it has preinstalled cheats, just put the Pokemon Diamond (or Pearl) cartrage in the action replay and put the action reply in the DS and turn the power on and then turn on the cheats and start the game

i don' think so because when you turn the ds on with an ar in it go s strat to the r4 and you need to go no ds download play to do it

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