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"Bank of America charges non-members an ATM withdrawal fee of two dollars. If one of their members uses a non Bank of America ATM, then that bank usually has their own amount regulated (as a transaction fee, or penalty)."


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if you use their own network there are no fees. if you use other networks usually there is a $2 charge.

If someone has a bank account with Bank of America it is free to use the ATM.

Jose Barron did the Spanish speaking on the ATM at Bank of America

An ATM Surcharge is the service charge that you have to pay for using a private ATM or the ATM of some other bank. For ex: If you have a Bank of America ATM and opt to use a private ATM machine in a shopping mall or a Chase bank ATM, then you will charged a surcharge for using an ATM that is not in Bank of America network because - the owner of the ATM would charge Bank of America for its customer taking money from their ATM

Yes, and lots of them. $5 + 1% of the amount withdrawn, in addition to what the local bank may charge. Also you will be getting BMDs at the ATM, not USD.

they dont have a Bank of America but some ATM offer a low ATM fee.

If you bank at an ATM machine for a bank that you are not a member of the fees will vary. Fees can range anywhere from $1.00 to $6.00. Usually though, they are between $2.50 and $3.00.

If one has an account at PNC Bank, there is no charge to use a PNC Bank ATM. If one does not have an account with PNC, there is a $5 service charge for the use of an ATM.

Detroit, but there is a Bank of America ATM in Summit Mall.

When using a Woodforest debit card at an actual Woodforest ATM location there is no withdrawl fees. If someone uses their card at an ATM that is not Woodforest then they could be charged a fee depending on the ATM they use.

Yes. I am 13 and I have an ATM card that works on any ATM. Just go to the website or bank.

Using the bank that issued the card.

For permanent cards, call the Bank of America number and ask to activate or use it at a Bank of America ATM.

is there bankof America ATM in Vietnam

No, there is no ATM machine in Bank of America in Makati, Philippines. Yes, you can withdraw dollars as long as your have dollar money in your deposit.

No. If you want to put money into your Wachovia bank account, you have to visit either a Wachovia ATM or a Wachovia bank branch. Depositing money into that account from a Bank of America ATM or a branch is impossible

If you need to get money out of your online savings account, be sure to request an ATM card when you apply. If you anticipate frequent withdrawals, shop around for a bank that reimburses you for any ATM fees you incur. Even if the online bank does not charge for ATM withdrawals, chances are the bank that owns the ATM will. Using a bank that reimburses these fees can save you a lot of money.

M&T bank, bank of america,wells fargo, ATM?

Bank of America has hundreds of bank and ATM locations in Massachusetts. There are 50 locations in or near Boston. To find all of the locations, visit the website: Bank of America.

JP Morgan Chase Bank WaMu was bought by Chase bank in 2008. As of 2013 there are banking fees for their checking account options, savings and ATM services.

The best way to avoid ATM fees is by reading your bank's policy and see what kind of ATM fees they charge for your certain account.

This will change from month to month but there are banks offering free accounts without ATM charges from most ATMs. Some ATM machines will always charge.

No. But Banco Santander and Scotia Bank are "sister banks" with BofA -- so you can use your BofA ATM card at Santander or Scotia for no charge. (Use your BofA ATM card at other places and you'll get hit with all kinds of fees from both the owner of the ATM and Bank of America itself.) I don't know about Scotia Bank, but I've used my BoA ATM card at Santander ATMs in Spain and was hit with multiple fees, so this answer is incorrect. BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank and Barclay's are all sister banks of BofA. I use BNP all the time, and I just recently used both Deutsche Bank and Barclay's and I've yet to see any fees show up. I recently used Deutsche Bank in Italy (6/1/11) and got charged a fee. Stick to anything BNP Paribas. also, BofA website states Scotia Bank is part of their "sister" banks or global alliance network

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