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i only know how to get unlimitted master balls.enter this code into your ar.(085938bb,99ff313d,2dafd739,5d796510)this also gives you unlimitted of every pokeballs

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โˆ™ 2006-04-08 19:07:10
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Q: What are the Action Replay codes for getting masterballs and the Mystic and Aurora Tickets in Pokemon FireRed?
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What is the code for getting 999 masterballs in Pokemon diamond?

go to and it is there. :)

Can you trade Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed version to Pokemon emerald?

After getting the Ruby and the Sapphire in Pokemon Firered and LeafGreen. But you have to use wirless adapters.

Were do you get Rayquaza in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no way of getting it.

Do you get anything for getting the first 150 Pokemon on firered?


Getting drakes map in Pokemon FireRed?

doesn't exist.

How do you get a map in Pokemon Pokemon FireRed?

after getting pokeballs ask for it from your rival's sister who is your neighbour

How do you make a Pokemon into john cena on Pokemon firered?

You can't, if you are getting this from a video, it is a cheat/not real.

Pokemon getting larvatar pearl?

Get in FireRed and migrate. Or trade from a friend.

What does a cherish ball do in pokemon?

Cherish balls provide a catch rate similar to a masterball in a way it is better then getting masterballs.

How do you get masterballs in platinum?

you can get some by getting the certain type of Pokemon that the guy in sandgemtown wants and he should repay u with a master ball

Pokemon mansion Pokemon FireRed?

It lies on Cinnabar Island and holds the key (litteraly) to getting into the Pokémon Gym.

Is scizor in Pokemon Ruby version?

Unfortunately, you can't get Scizor in Pokemon Ruby. The only way to get it is to trade it from Pokemon FireRed. Well, actually, there's no way of getting Scizor in FireRed either but to have it in FireRed too, you will need to catch a Scyther and evolve it. Hope I helped :)

How do you get to route 9 in Pokemon FireRed?

getting cut from vermilion city south of cerulean

Catching golden Pokรฉmon in Pokรฉmon firered?

there is a one and a millionth chance of getting a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon fire red

Help with getting all Pokemon in firered?

you cant get all pokemon. you have to trade from other game. i recomend sapphire or emerald

In Pokemon firered after getting 60 Pokemon how do youget Mewtwo?

you get 60 Pokemon beat the elite 4 and go to the cerulean cave mewtwo is somewhere in there

How do you cheat on Pokemon FireRed?

you get a game shark but i dont recomend getting one they ruin the fun

What is TM13 in Pokemon FireRed?

tm 13 is ice beam im also playing pokemon fire red and its getting very addicting!

How do you get Rayquaza in Pokemon FireRed?

You trade from Pokémon Emerald to Pokémon FireRed but to trade between these games, you must have done everything on all the Islands on FireRed which includes getting the Sapphire and Ruby stones, beating the Pokémon League and getting the National Pokédex on Pokémon Emerald.

Were do you catch Suicune on Pokemon FireRed?

you can only get it by getting bulbasour as your starter.beat the elite 4. then find it in the wild

What is the Action Replay Max Code for getting the Mystic Ticket in Pokemon FireRed?

it is all of the codes on the system

Getting entai in Pokemon Diamond?

Special: Migrate from FireRed, LeafGreen, or Colosseum. (Unobtainable in Diamond and Pearl.)

What to do after getting the sapphire in Pokemon FireRed?

Go to Celio( The man on one island whom you gave the ruby to).

What can you do after getting the gems for celio in FireRed?

Fight Mewtwo in cerulean city, and catch the roaming dog Pokemon

Where do you get the water for the guards in Pokemon FireRed?

It is not water it is tea and you get it by going to celadon city and getting it from a old lady