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The Arabic symbol that is commonly transliterated as "dh" is ذ

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Q: What are the Arabic symbols for the letters DH?
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What are Arabic symbols?

Arabic writing uses a different alphabet made up of Arabic symbols.

Are letters used as symbols for the Hebrew and Arabic languages?

The question doesn't make much sense. All letters in any alphabet are symbols that represent sounds. (Hebrew and Arabic are no different than Latin, Greek, or Russian in that respect. Each letter respresents a sound or sounds.)

What is the difference between Hindu- Arabic numerals and roman numerals?

hindu arabic is a letters and roman numerals is numbers

What are words starting with the letters dh?

Dhaka Dhow

How do you spell Peshmerga in Arabic letters?

in Arabic letters: بيشمركة in Kurdish letters: پێشمه‌رگه‌

How many letters are in a lebanese alphabet?

There are 28 letters in the Arabic alphabet--Lebanese is a dialect of Arabic, and all of the Arabic dialects have the same letters.

Does the Hindu-Arabic system have only 9 symbols?

Yes, Hindu-Arabic system have only 9 symbols.

Which alphabets have 28 letters?

There are a few alphabets with 28 letters, most notably the Arabic alphabet.

How do you write a letter P Y and U in Arabic?

Those letters does not exist in Arabic letters :)

What is the Arabic symbol for sister?

The question as posed is nonsensical and likely derives from the misunderstanding of how Arabic is written. Arabic is not written with symbols or ideographs (like Chinese), but is written with letters in an alphabet. It just happens that the alphabet used in Arabic is different than the Latin alphabet used in English.The word for sister in Arabic is "okht" and it is written like this (???).

Why are there no capital letters in Arabic?

There is.

What is true of chemical symbols chemical symbols can consist of one or many letters?

Chemical symbols can consist of one or more letters.

What is the Arabic word for sew?

The Arabic language is written ins symbols that cannot be submitted.

What is Hindu Arabic numerals of 74?

74 is the Hindu-Arabic representation of the number seventy-four. The term Hindu-Arabic defines the system, not the symbols; the symbols are independent of the system. The Hindu and Arabic nations have their own symbols, as do many other regions around the world. However, the Latin symbols are internationally recognised as the standard form of numeric notation, regardless of the system.

What is the The Hebrew and Arabic languages use as symbols for their languages?

(stylized characters) Hebrew uses the Hebrew alphabet, a block-letter alphabet, which consists of 22 consonants and no vowels. Arabic uses the Arabic alphabet, a cursive-style alphabet, which consists of 28 consonants (29 if you include Hamza), and no vowels. Most of the letters of of the Hebrew alphabet have similar names to their Arabic equivalents. Some of the emphatic letters of Arabic are missing in Hebrew, and the Hebrew letter Samech (ס) is missing from Arabic.

The symbols for elements have either or letters?

The symbols for elements have either one or two letters. If there are two letters, the first one is capitalized and the second one is not.

What are element symbols written with?


How many Arabic letters are there in the Quran?

The same number of the Arabic alphabets ' 28 '.

What is the tallest word in arabic?

the longest word in arabic is of 15 letters - it is ...أفإستسقيناكموها

What are 3 distinct differences between Hebrew and Arabic?

Differences:Hebrew has only 7 verb constructions and Arabic has 10Hebrew has fewer sounds than ArabicHebrew letters do not connect; Most Arabic letters do.

What are the letters in the Iranian alphabet?

The Iranian (or "Farsi") alphabet uses the Arabic alphabet plus 4 extra letters not found in Arabic.

How do you write Randy in Hebrew symbols?

Hebrew doesn't use symbols. It uses letters. "Randy" in Hebrew letters is ראנדי

What are the Hebrew symbols for family?

Hebrew doesn't use symbols. It uses letters. Family in Hebrew letters is: "משפחה" (Mishpacha).

What Hebrew symbol is for lily?

The Hebrew language doesn't have symbols. It has letters and words. the letters for lily are ?????

How do you say Henry in Arabic?

There is no Arabic "translation" of Henry, but you can write the English name in Arabic letters: هنري i