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Q: What are the Childcare License laws in Texas?
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How does the INS try to enforce immigration laws?

i have a mexican boyfriend and i have never seen his greencard or his license. but i have seen his texas license

Will Texas reissue your tx drivers license if your il license is suspended for child support?

You may only have one valid license at a time. It has to be in the state you are a resident of. And Texas may recognize the suspension if their laws allow it.

Do mongoose require exotic animal license in Texas?

Texas does not require mongoose to be licensed. It does not fall under the wild animals laws or acts in Texas.

If you have a Colorado driver license and get a ticket in Texas and then move to Texas and get a Texas driver license will the previous Texas ticket appear on your new Texas license?

Simply... yes.

Can a convicted felon get a commercial driver's license in the state of Texas?

Depends. The severity of your felony measures your chance of having a drivers license granted. Unlike other American states, Texas has very different laws. .

How do you renew a license in another state?

i have a California license and i need to get a license (online) from Texas.

Do you need a contractors license in Texas?

how to get a general contractors license in Texas

Does Texas have a enhanced drivers license?

No, Texas does not have the 'Enhanced Driver's License'

texas license BS4 1061?

texas license BS4 1061

How many children can you babysit in Iowa without a license?

You can babysit up to four children without a license. Anything over that and you will need to apply for a license for childcare.

Can you use a Texas marriage license in Florida?

No. You can only use a Texas marriage license in the State of Texas, and a Florida marriage license in the State of Florida.

Are karts street legal in Texas if you do not have a driver's license?

== == No.....even if you have a license they are illegal in Texas



Does commonwealth government make all of the laws in childcare in Australia?

It depends on what is meant by childcare. Childcare services, accreditation for childcare centres and so on, are all overseen by the Federal (Commonwealth) government. Children's services and child safety, e.g. foster care, are overseen by the State government.

There are no now license laws on a drivers license?

uhhh. WHAT

The color of a car license plate from Texas?

The colour of a license plate from Texas is mostly white with blue letters for the license number, and red for the word Texas at the top. View Related Link to see the various Texas License Plates.

Can I get a real estate license with a felony in texas?

It is difficult to get a real estate license with a felony in Texas.

How old do you have to be to get a firearms license in Texas?

Texas does not require a license to possess a firearm. A license to CARRY a concealed firearm requires that you be 21.

What types of drivers license are there in the state of Texas?


Your drivers license from Puerto Rico expired and you live in Texas how you can renew your driving license?

If you currently live in Texas, you are required to have a Texas Driver's license. If you do not live in Puerto Rico, you can not have a Puerto Rican Driver's license.

Is there a way to track a drivers license or permit status in Texas?

If its your own permit or license, quite possibly ... if you are trying to track someone else's license or permit, most likely not as that information would be restricted due to privacy laws.

Can you get a temp license to sell life insurance in Texas?

Can you get a temp. license to sell life insurance in texas

How much does it cost to get a marriage license in Texas?

The cost for a marriage license is about $60 for most counties in Texas.

Is a hardship license available at the age 14 in Texas?

can i get a hardship license at the age of 14 in the state of texas?

How can you get a drivers license in Texas when your license is suspended in Colorado?

You can't.