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· Crook = Heka

o Cane w/ hooked handle

o Sometimes gold, reinforced with blue copper bands

o Hieroglyphic = 'rule'

o Shepherd's crook

· Flail = flabellum or nekhakha

o Rod w/ 3 attached (beaded) strands

o Beads differ

o Fly whisk

o Shepherd's whip

o Helps separate foods

§ Used to collect gums (like present day ladanisterion)

o Weapon

· Insignias of kingship

o Osiris's symbols (crook, flail) where treated as signs of royalty, people believed Osiris was a deceased pharaoh

o Also shown with Anubis, god of the Underworld

o Crook (shepherd's crook) =shepherd of his/her people

o Flail (helps separate food) = provider of food

o Flail (weapon) = symbol of power

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Why does the Egyptian god Ra wield the crook and flail?

the crook and flail is commonly represents the power of the gods and Pharaohs

What is the Egyptian symbol for royalty?

flail and crook The Asp

What are the Egyptian crook and flail made out of?

sheet gold or parts of the tomb

What do you think the crook and flail represented?

Becasue the crook and flail were so worshiped in the acient Egyptian world, we can predict that the great tools were made out of cheddar cheese

What was the size of ancient Egyptian crook and flail?

The crook was 43 inches in length and 10.2 inches width The flail was 43.3 inches length and 2.1 inches in diameter

What is the Egyptian symbol for leadership?

The symbol for leadership was the Flail and Crook which were the symbols of the pharaoh.

What is the meaning of the Egyptian royal crook?

Ancient Egyptian royalty is often depicted holding the flail and crook. They are a symbol or a remembrance or even a praise of (to) Osiris. The god of the underworld or after-life.

What is a crook and a flail?


What does the ancient Egyptian crook and flail mean?

it means power and it represents their elite place in the social pyramid.

What where the sticks Cleopatra held?

Cleopatra or any other Egyptian ruler held the crook and flail which were symbols of their authority.

Why is the crook and flail sighn for osiris?

because osiris was king of egypt before he became the egyptian god of the dead

What did the crook and flail represent?

the crook symbolized that the pharaoh would lead his people and the flail to keep them in line Zhivago

Why did the pharaohs carry a crook and a flail?

the crook and flail were most commonly represented together and were held across the chest of pharaohs and represented kingship

How big was the crook and flail?

The crook was 40 inches in length and 10.2 in width

Did ra carry a crook and flail?


What was an Ancient Egyptian Crook and Flail?

the ancient crook and flail was held by pharaohs to show who is boss. the Crook is The crook was a cane with a hooked handle, sometimes gold-plated and reinforced with blue copper bands. It probably derived from the shepherd's crosier. Its hieroglyphic value was "rule". The flail was a rod with three attached beaded, strands. The strands could very considerably, using different types of beads and the lengths between the beads could be broken up into several segments. The flail appears alone on some of the earliest representations of royal ceremonies.

Is it true that crossing arms is a form of royalty?

They crossed their arms and held in one hand the crook and in the other, the flail. The crook and flail are the symbols of being pharaoh.

What was King Tutankhamun's crook and flail made of?


What did pharaohs use crooks and flails for?

The royal sceptres (the crook and the flail) were not intended to be used for anything. Like the modern orb and sceptre of the Queen of England they represented authority, kingship, power and justice but were entirely symbolic.The crook (awt) was the same as a shepherd's crook, symbolising the king's care and protection for the Egyptian population. The flail (nxx) was essentially a type of whip or flagellum and symbolised the king's power of punishment, life and death over his subjects.A crook and flail is often held by Osiris, Khons and other gods.

What artifacts did King Tutankhamun have in his tomb?

a crook a flail chariots...

How do you say crook and flail in french?

Crochet et fléau

What is that thing King Tutankhamun holds in his hand?

The crook and the flail

Did pharaoh always carry the crook and flail?

yes they always did

What did Egyptian god osiris look like?

Osiris was shown to look like a King as he was the King of the Underworld. He wore a crown of reeds and ostrich feathers. The crook and flail showed that he was a King.

What is Amun-Ra holding on to?

A crook and flail. They are the traditional weapons for the pharaoh.