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What are the Egyptian crook and flail?


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October 01, 2009 2:36AM

· Crook = Heka

o Cane w/ hooked handle

o Sometimes gold, reinforced with blue copper bands

o Hieroglyphic = 'rule'

o Shepherd's crook

· Flail = flabellum or nekhakha

o Rod w/ 3 attached (beaded) strands

o Beads differ

o Fly whisk

o Shepherd's whip

o Helps separate foods

§ Used to collect gums (like present day ladanisterion)

o Weapon

· Insignias of kingship

o Osiris's symbols (crook, flail) where treated as signs of royalty, people believed Osiris was a deceased pharaoh

o Also shown with Anubis, god of the Underworld

o Crook (shepherd's crook) =shepherd of his/her people

o Flail (helps separate food) = provider of food

o Flail (weapon) = symbol of power