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What are the GPA and SAT requirements to get into UCLA USC and NYU?

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go to you'll find evrything you need there

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The admission requirements are things like you GPA and SAT score. So you need a certain GPA to get in like a 3.7 for you GPA you can get into NYU. But your SAT score needs to be great too.

3.7 GPA in state. 4.2 GPA out of state. High SAT.

If you have a 5.0 GPA and a 2400 SAT Yes You can get in

The SAT requirements for UCLA are: Reading 560 to 680, Math 600 to 760 and Writing 590 to 710. However, there are other admission requirements to get into UCLA.

Most students that get accepted into NYU have a GPA of at least 3.4. A GPA of 3.6 gives students a higher chance of getting into this university. The average SAT score for these students was about 1700.

The average SAT score for current freshmen is 1300-1400 with a GPA of 3.63.

SAT requirement is 1000 minimum and 3.0 GPA

Out of state a 4.2In state a 3.7Great SAT Scores and if you are out of state about 40,000 a year.AnswerThe GPA does not vary from in or out of state.

I am a student at NYU Stern, and I got accepted with these academic credentials:~ 3.9 GPA1450/1600 SAT710 Literature SAT2620 Math I SAT 2Extracurricular activities and volunteer work are incredibly important as well.Good luck!

I had a 3.4 GPA. I'm at NYU now (CAS) and majoring in Physics. My SAT score was 2160 (680 reading, 710 writing, 770 math). It's totally possible.

gpa: around 3.0 or above...SAT should be 1800~or higher

You have to have a high school GpA of 3.5 or above and a 1100 Sat or above to get into GMU.

judged by top GPA of the students class rank and act/sat scores

There are not specific requirements for GPA. If you are in the top 10% of your class, you will be admitted. Otherwise they will look at the overall picture of grades, SAT and activities.

I'm not sure about the SAT scores, but im pretty sure a 2.4 GPA is satisfactory. Also I believe the average SAT score is 2300

the admission requirements for lsu is a good act and sat score and a 3.0 gpa.

A recent newspaper article said that the minimum SAT score would be a 1790. Of course, this is assuming you have a high GPA and many extra-curricular activities. Try to aim for about 1900 or above. I forgot exactly, but i think UC Berkeley was about a 1810, I might be off. You shouldn't aim to get the "minimum" but actually do the best you can and you should get a better score.A UCLA website said that most people that get into UCLA have a 4.0 GPA and at least 1200 on the SATs (this would be the old scoring system).

No your not getting into any of those scores...have fun at Montana State Actually, I believe 1900 may be able to get you into NYU and possibly even UCLA if you have a high GPA and outstanding EC's and admission letter. But Yale won't accept a 1900. I think you do have a chance of Yale with a 1900. Did some research myself and some students there have done 1900 or less on their SAT's. It lowers your chances but does not rule you out.

The School UCLA does not by defualt post the undergraduate profiles online. They are kep on file on the computers located in the main office.

you have to have a 3.75 or higher GPA in highschool and you have to make at least a 33 in the act and for sat you have to get almost a perfect score. in other words you have to be a nerd like me!

For undergraduate students the requirements are a minimum GPA of 2.5 and a minimum ACT score of 20 or SAT score of 950

no u cant, sorry!.. if you are African American, hispanic..etc.. then you will need at least a 3.8 GPA score, 1800+SAT score to be able to get in to ucla. if you are white(American) then you will need at least a 4.0 GPA score! and u have to have alot of extra curriculars too!!