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Hinduism has many diversified Religious views. But some of them are Non Violence & Peace.

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Mohandas Gandhi's religion was Hinduism.

In India, millions of Hindus are vegetarians because of their religious beliefs.

There is no conflict between Hinduism and assisted reproduction, which is generally accepted as a form of treatment and not an infringement on religious beliefs.

Religion in Suriname is characterized by a diversity of religious beliefs and practices.Namely Hinduism, muslim, christian, & few are not Religious.

Buddhism was formed on bases oh Hinduism. Also jainism & shikkhism was formed on the basis of Hinduism.

Buddhism & Hinduism both had a great impact on India. In religious beliefs & also in laws or modern India.

Christianity is the largest religious group in Fiji. Followed by Hinduism and Islam.

Mohandas Gandhi was born in Porbandar, India and followed the religious beliefs of Hinduism.

Most of Sufis' religious beliefs and rituals come from orthodox Islam, but some also come from Gnostic Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Zoroastrianism.

Most people in Dublin are Christian, so they would hold Christian beliefs. There are many other religions such as Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism and others. So there are a wide range of beliefs. There are also people who have no religious beliefs at all.

It might not help but Julia Roberts believes in Hinduism it does not say anything about Eric.

The five major beliefs in Hinduism is Brahman,multiple duties,

They split off many ways but they are mainly considered to be the earliest form of Hinduism.

Some of the shared beliefs of Buddhism and Hinduism are rebirth and Karma

what were the religious beliefs

The five basic beliefs of Hinduism are that God Exists, the Unity of Existence through Love; all Human Beings are Divine, Religious Harmony, the Knowledge of 3 Gâ??s. The 3 Gâ??s of Hinduism are Gayatri (a sacred mantra), Ganga (sacred river) and the Gita (sacred script).

Hinduism and Buddhism. The 5 major beliefs of Hinduism are: Brahman Multiple Gods Dharma (There is Universal Dharma and Individual Dharma) Karma Samsara Meditation will bring you closer to God

One of Hinduism beliefs when they die they move onto a place called Summerland.

Hinduism grew out of the ancient beliefs of the Aryans.

Hinduism mostly believe in a God and reincarnation.

Italys main religious beliefs was Christianity.

One of the basic beliefs of Hinduism out of the 9 beliefs is that belief is each living creature on this planet has a soul, and all these souls are superpower and spiritual.

Hinduism influences people through its teaching, philosophies and religious practices. Hinduism is a product of Indus Valley Civilization and religious influences.

Religious law for Hinduism is the law used by Hindu rulers & kings. These laws are based on 4 Vedas & Sacred Texts of Hinduism.

the religious beliefs held by the Shang

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