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Mezzo forte e mezzo piano is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "moderately loud and moderately quiet." The masculine singular phrase translates literally as "half strong and half soft" in English. The pronunciation will be "MED-dzo FOR-tey MED-dzo PYA-no" in Pisan Italian.

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In music, moderately loud is mezzo forte abbreviated mf

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abbastanza forte

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Q: What are the Italian words for moderately loud?
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Is the symbol moderately loud moderately soft loud very loud very soft?

Loud may be twice as loud than moderately loud.

What are the dynamics like in folk music?

moderately loud to loud

What are the English words similar to the Italian word andante?

moderately slow, like walking pace

What does mp in music mean?

In music words MP means music player. In sheet music (music scores in notation), mp means mezzo piano (moderately soft). In Italian, mezzo means literally half-way, or in the sense of moderately (in-between, neither soft nor loud). Piano, in Italian, means soft. So, mezzo-piano would mean something like moderately soft.

What is 'loud' when translated from English to Italian?

"Loud" in English is forte in Italian.

What language is piano from?

I am not absolutely certain, but if you are referring to the word "piano" then I believe it is Italian. Most of the words used in the language such as "fortissimo" or "allegretto" are Italian words. Therefore, I believe "piano" is Italian.

What are two kinds of dynamics?

the two kinds of dynamics are: soft loud kinds of soft are: kinds of loud are: piano- soft forte- loud pianissimo- very soft fortissimo- very loud pianississimo- very very soft fortississimo- very very loud mezzo piano- moderately soft mezzo forte- moderately loud

What is dymamics?

Dynamics refer to how loud you play the piece. Eg: pp-pianissimo (very soft) mp (moderately soft) p-piano (soft) f-forte (loud/strong) mf (moderately loud/strong) ff-fortissimo (very loud/strong) Hope this helped :)

What does the word dynamics mean in musical terms?

The term dynamics refers to whether a sound is soft or loud.=]...+

What are symbols in the dynamic musics?

"p"=piano or soft "pp"=very soft or double piano "mp"=moderately soft "mf"=moderately loud "f"= fortissimo or loud "ff"=very loud or double fortissimo Hope that helps there is also "fff" and so on :)

What does mf means in western music?

mezzo forte, or moderately ( 'medium') loud.

What name means loud?

The Italian term for loud is 'forte'