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they suck, they dont like cars. they have a limo to drive them everwhere.

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What happened in the Jonas brothers car accident?

They did not have a car accident......

Are there any Jonas Brothers sweepstakes if there are how many tickets can you get?

i love nick Jonas. they have the Chevy rock contest. you get a car and a signed CD by the Jonas brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do the Jonas brother own the car featured in their Jonas brothers la series?

No, they do not own that car. It was only for the show.

Was Nick Jonas the only Jonas brother in the car accident?

No, all hte brothers were involved in it, joe Jonas saved his brothers nick Jonas from dieing that day by protecting him.

How old were the Jonas Brothers when they were in a car accident?

I don't really know if they were in a car accident

What is Nick Jonas favorite car type?

His favorite type of car is an escalade.

What is harry styles favourite type of car?

His favorite car is the Audi r8 Daa!! <3

Were the Jonas Brothers in a car accident?

yes but it was a long time ago, and thankfully none of them were hurt

Did the Jonas Brothers get into a car crash in 2007?

yes. if it wasn't for Joe. Nick might have died

What type of car does Nick Jonas have?

The cutie Nick Jonas Has a HOT BLACK MUSTANG!! Sports Babe

What is your favourite type of transport?

Car - because you can go where u want 2

What is Yelling pirates played by the Jonas brothers?

your in a car and you yell PIRATES! or NINJAS! to random people you pass

Is that Selena Gomez in the Jonas Brothers' Burnin Up music video?

yes she was with him next to the car and when he did a flip.

Do the Jonas Brothers have a car?

Kevin has a jeep a jeep comander to be exact!!! joe has a motorcycle with a sidecar nick got a mustang

What kind of car do the Jonas Brothers drive?

Nick and Joe both can't drive at the moment, but Kevin can. He rides a Jeep.

Car in commercial for disneys Jonas brothers in la?

It is a 1953 Buick Roadmaster Skylark...all the Skylarks were convertibles in '53.

What Is Kevin Jonas Favorite Type Of Car?

I wish I knew. But I think it's Jeep

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