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What are the Latin root words that mean 'root'?


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The Latin word for "root" is radix, which is the source of such English words as radical, eradicate ("to root out") and radish.


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Sequ or Sekw are Latin root words that mean "to follow".

Do you mean what words are made up from this root? cardiac, cardiology, cardiogram Or do you mean - what does this root mean? heart Hopes this helps.

A latin root word is a simple part of a word that is used many times in several different words. These are the base of the words you see. These root words also come from the Latin language.

The root words tempor and tempo both mean time in Latin.

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What does the Latin root trib mean?means: tribe

The Latin root 'pass, pand, and pans' means 'to spread, to extend.' Words: encompass, compass, passage, surpass.'

These '''ROOT'''-WORDS are '''GRAV''', GRAVI & GRAVITO meaning HEAVY & WEIGHTY. It comes from the '''Latin''' gravis which means HEAVY

The root "radic-" is from Latin radix, meaning "root".

The latin root "fac- or fic-" all means "make/do." Some words containing this root are facile, factory, malefactor, manufacture, and artifact.

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The latin root meaning for cise is to cut

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The latin root vac means empty

the latin root mob means empty

the Latin root "spir" mean to breathe

It is Latin, meaning "side; rib". Examples of English words with this root are coast and accosted.

Some words built from the Latin root primus are: primary, primate, primarily.

The meaning of the Latin root "card" translates to heart. Modern words that employ this root are cardio, cardigan, and cardinal.

The root word junct means join. This root word is shown in many words like conjunction.

The Latin root VI means way: Road

The Latin root audi- means sound or to hear.

It is a Latin root that means "to cut". Words like Scissor, Incisor, and incision are all related to cutting

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