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Depends on what you mean by a 'Western country'. There are varying definitions of a 'Western country'. Mine is- any country that is significantly shaped enough by European/Western culture that its mainstream society develops a European/Westernised culture. Of course, this would include most European nations.

Here goes:

-United States

-United Kingdom & Ireland

-Western & Central Europe (Inc. Denmark)




-New Zealand

-South Africa

-Some Latin American countries (e.g. Brazil, Argentina, Mexico)

-Poland (?)

-Croatia (?)

-Estonia (?)

-Latvia (?)

-Lithuania (?)



-To an extent, Mediterranean Europe


Answer 2:

Edit: In the broadest sense of the term, 'western' could mean any European country, or country settled by europeans. The list of 'western' countries varies wildly, for example some people might include countries where western style liberal democracy and free market economics has come to dominate society but where the culture is distinct from the enlightenment, judeo-christian culture that has come to predominate in Europe and North America, e.g. south Korea or japan,

Western and western-style countries would probably include:

All of Europe except Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

North and South America.

South Africa.

Australia and New Zealand.

And more broadly:

South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and perhaps the Philippines.

The list of western countries will

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Q: What are the List of western countries in the world?
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