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Q: What are the Major Constitutional Amendments and Federal Legislation of the Reconstruction era?
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Which federal legislation was Confederate leaders did not have the right to vote or hold office apart of?

Reconstruction Acts

What if the federal government's power decreased after the Civil War?

After rejecting the Reconstruction plan of President Andrew Johnson, the Republican Congress enacted laws and Constitutional amendments that empowered the federal government to enforce the principle of equal rights, and gave black Southerners the right to vote and hold office

Who enforce the laws in the South during Reconstruction?

During Reconstruction, the federal government, specifically the Union Army and federal officials, enforced the laws in the South. This was done to ensure that the newly implemented policies, such as the Reconstruction Amendments and civil rights laws, were upheld in the region.

What amendment reflected a changing attitude about the federal government?

several constitutional amendments reflect the change in attitude about?

What did the reconstruction amendments do?

The Reconstruction amendments added the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments to the Constitution. Among other things, these amendments freed the slaves, gave them equal protection under Federal laws, and gave them the right to vote.

What is the difference between constitutional rights and civil rights?

Primary sources of civil rights law include the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution (the "Bill of Rights"), as well as a number of important pieces of federal legislation passed in recent decades. Constitutional rights are rights given or reserved to the people by the U.S. Constitution, and in particular, the Bill of Rights (first ten amendments). So, you can see the correlation.

What are the effects on the constitutional amendments?

In speaking about the US Constitution, the amendments in the Bill of Rights were meant to guarantee that the Federal government did nothing to subvert the rights of citizens and of the US States.

What has the author Julia Mae Bland written?

Julia Mae Bland has written: 'Georgia and the federal Constitution' -- subject(s): Constitutional amendments, Constitutional history, Constitutional law, Politics and government

What has the author Donald G Lenihan written?

Donald G. Lenihan has written: 'Canada' 'Economic union' -- subject(s): Economic policy, Federal government, Intergovernmental fiscal relations, Constitutional law 'Squaring politics and principles' -- subject(s): Canada, Canada. Parliament. Senate, Constitutional amendments, Federal government, Reform 'Is there a vision?' -- subject(s): Constitutional history, Constitutional amendments

Which proposed Populist Party reforms were eventually adopted a Constitutional Amendments?

federal income tax and the direct election of u.s. sentators

How did water and sewer construction benefit from federal legislation?

The Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1996 required system upgrades, and the Water Resources Act of 1991 increased federal funding for water supply construction.

What are the special duties of the general assembly?

the general assembly conducts investigations, submits constitutional amendments to the people, acts on amendements to the federal constitution, and helps plan redistricting every 10 years. i hope this info helps u!:) 2/15/11